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20 December 2015

The SLATUKIP #TheKippas2015 - The Full List Of Awards

Here's the full list of KIPPAs Awards tweeted out tonight. Enjoy :-)

 And finally ...

7 December 2015

The Ukip Jane Collins Climate-Change Car-Crash Media Appearance Of All Time


Ukip MEP Jane Collins on BBC Any Questions, this week, was without doubt a perfect microcosm of everything we know about Ukip. Denial of Expert Scientific Knowledge, Obfuscation, Irrelevant Facts, Diversion and Idiocy.

Yes, I know we *expect* it. I mean, Jane Collins was a nobody. Now, she's a nobody with a purple rosette getting paid quite a lot to do very little. But Jane, you excelled yourself. You reached depths of Climate Change Denial unheard of since Godfrey Bloom.

You can listen to the whole program via BBC iPlayer at this link - the Climate Change question starts at 36m, 22s.

Collins 'scientific credentials' are of course, that she was once a 'horse physiotherapist' - although there is no record of her actually having any qualifications in this line. We've searched, a lot, and can find nothing. So it appears that Jane Collins has absolutely no qualifications, achievements or credentials at all, in any field. In fact, up to the age of 33, she seems to have had no job or career that we can see.

Oh, we stand corrected. She has an 'A Level' in Art, and a whole year of non-appearances at the EU Parliament.

To be fair to Jane Collins she was out-gunned on the panel from the start - surrounded as she was by persons of actual intellect. The other panelists were :
  • Dame Margaret Beckett MP, 37 years in Parliament, longest serving female MP, alumni of University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.
  • George Monbiot, Writer, Environmental and Political Activist. MA in Zoology from Oxford. Recipient of the UN Global 500 Award for Outstanding Environmental Achievement. and

6 December 2015

Farage and Kassam - Crying Wolf As A Strategy MEans No-One Ever Believes You

When an individual or an organisation knowingly makes a false statement, creates a false story or refuses to retract or delete a statement which is false, or later proved to be false, all integrity is lost. And it's a commodity not so easily regained.

The media, generally, do not have the trust of the people due to high number of false, exaggerated or selective stories that appear daily.

But it also applies to individuals. We had two particular examples this week.

Nigel Farage, after his party failed not only to win Oldham but to even come close, made various allegations of Postal Voter Fraud. 

These were made not to the Police, or Local Election Officials, or even to the Electoral Commission, but on Social Media and in exclusives for The Daily Express and Breitbart. This was followed by criticisms of the Postal Vote system (but without specific allegations) on BBC Breakfast TV.

When asked by the presenter 'what evidence he had', Farage evaded the question.

Although internal Ukip Officials stated that Farage 'overstepped the mark' in making these allegations, other Ukip Officials (Victoria Ayling, Nathan Gill, Paul Nuttall, Bill Etheridge) on Social Media hinted at the same irregularities.

Farage backed this up by intentionally misquoting statements from Guardian journalist Helen Pidd, especially this one.

It then emerged that the 'impeccable source' Farage quoted was a second-hand overheard comment by an unknown, unnamed man at the Oldham count.

Brave, indeed, for Ukip to cry foul, with the justified focus on Ukip's 'Fake Labour Leaflet', which itself should be the subject of an investigation. In fact, in terms of Electoral Fraud, the case of Great Yarmouth comes to mind. The guilty party there? Ukip.

Farage even claimed that 'Democracy Is Dead'. A surpising statement from one who's Party Leadership, after his resignation, was not voted on, but 'nodded through' in a closed-door session of the Ukip NEC, at which he was present, with no records being kept. Clearly Democracy died a long time ago within Ukip.

The problem here is that Farage has form for 'Crying Wolf'. His party's identical 'Fraud' outcry after South Thanet was debunked.

And when you make such ludicrous statements as blaming X for Y (replace 'X' with Gays, Muslims or Leftys, replace 'Y' with Traffic, Weather or the Price of Beer as you see fit) then can you really be that surprised when people ignore you?

On Social Media after the Paris attacks, most Ukip accounts followed the 'Nigel Was Right' line. He may well have been. But when you make a hundred idiotic statements, nobody will lend any credence if and when on a rare occassion you get close to the truth.

There may well be issues with the Postal Vote System. There clearly was in Tower Hamlets. There may well, indeed, be specific issues at Oldham. We'll not know about these until they are investigated, which will only happen if and when UKIP make a formal complaint.

But until then, we shall judge these 'Fraud Allegations' by the character and history of the man making them.

The second example was of a Raheem Kassam tweet.

Kassam, as you will no doubt be aware is the 'Editor' of Breitbart, a Far Right Blog, staffed mainly by Ukip, funded by the US Tea Party, which masquerades as a 'News' Site. The 'News' it selectively reports is predominantly about Migrants, Muslims, and Europe and Ukip.

So, no agenda there, then.

Kassam tweeted about '49 votes in Oldham coming from one address'. It was, he claimed later, 'a joke' and of course the story had no basis in fact. So far, so reasonable. Humour is a fine thing. However various official Ukip accounts (including that of failed Oldham Candidate John Bickley) retweeted this (as if it was true) without Kassam's subsequent 'retraction'. When it was suggested to Kassam that he should delete it, he refused.

Why? Because he knew that it was being retweeted, out of context as 'true', and would nicely reinforce the "Postal Vote Fraud" story to those who were unable to think for themselves or unwilling to check for themselves.

Integrity. It's a rare thing, so easily lost.

The integrity of Breitbart ... well, to be honest, for a Far Right Blog, it's clear that journalistic integrity was never their aim, simply political misinformation. What little they might have had, well, they seem unconcerned by it's loss.

The Integrity of Ukip - and their cause of Exit from the EU - is damaged by Farage and others like him spouting their knee-jerk nonsense.

However you consider Brexit (and as a team, we are split on this) you cannot deny that despite Ukip's claim to be the Party that forced the Tories to a Referendum, right now the greatest block to the cause of Brexit is Ukip themselves, and Farage in particular.

23 November 2015

On Threats, Intimidation And Harassment From The Far-Right

We, our various accounts, our valued colleagues and comrades come under verbal threat quite often.

Sometimes this includes threats of false criminal allegations, harrassment and blackmail – and escalates to physical violence.

These threats come from various Right Wing groups and individuals associated with these groups – EDL, BNP, Britain First, and Ukip. They also come from those with personal agendas who we once thought were comrades.

We’ve spoken of this before and it’s sad that we have to again.

We will not tolerate it, and we will involve the police against various individuals.

It’s happened before, we’ve acted before, and there are those now with police records, and even currently serving sentences for such actions.

To the Far Right : Be warned. Have some integrity and honour. If this is the path you choose, if this is your grand strategy to promote your cause, you will lose.

4 November 2015

Ukip Are Now Indefensible

(Guest Post by Pete North)

Interesting guy, this Pete North. Pretty much Anti-#Ukip but Pro Brexit. We have learned such people exist – indeed, on our own team, here, there are such people.

North’s articles are often deep and detailed – mainly as a result of him trying to explain the intricacies of how the EU works, a task that cannot be accommodated in a few short paragraphs. But for this reason we rarely make it to the end of his articles.

On this occasion however he has produced an article with an interesting angle on the Brexit debate, which we reproduce here, in full, unedited, with his permission.

Ukip Are Now Indefensible

[Originally posted on the Peter J North Blog]

27 October 2015

To Be A UKIP Twit On Twitter

To be a UKIP twit on Twitter
It helps if you're angry
Intolerant, mad or bitter,
You might be a spark,
Or a plumber or a gas fitter,
Who's jerb they took
Or maybe you think you're a big hitter
Or you just hate books like the Koran
And Muslims because they sit quietly and read it.

You might think the EU are Nazis
Or the Ayran race is supreme,
Perhaps you just hate the poor
Or perhaps you just like being mean?
To be a UKIP Twit on Twitter
Takes a certain kind of hate,
Maybe you just like to witter bullshit
Because you're just so so straight
And you don't like gay folk being gay
Yet read the Bible and choose to misread it.

25 October 2015

An Open Letter to Jayda Fransen Of Britain First

Dear Jayda,

Tonight we read this after someone posted in our group. We talked about how it offered a ‘sympathetic ear’ to these concerns about Jayda Fransen and so we thought we’d offer our tuppence’s worth.

You see, we’re not a hateful bunch, we’re all really nice normal folk. We go about our lives, and do our things, like you do yours. We get up, go to work, spend time with our kids, pursue our hobbies and interests and talk about stuff with our friends online and offline, just like you.

But we’re not all like you, just as you’re not like all of us, and the people you hang about with are not all like us either. But that doesn’t mean we don’t understand you, and it would possibly explain why you don’t understand us as well. That’s fine, but many of us watch what you do and think, well, you *must* know what you are doing, and you know all about the group you stand for, and you know what they do surely? I mean, that’s OK if you want to do that, after all, Freedom of Speech and all that, but I just wonder don’t you ever consider the divisiveness of the movement that you spearhead in the way you do? Do you ever consider the implications of this violent and extreme far right movement that you stand beside with honour and courage?

I don’t know, I would just hope that you do. All I know is that I can not see what good a bunch of angry and drunk men and women going into mosques and frightening folk can ever achieve, but more hate? Can you? All this stuff you’re doing is just spreading more hate and propaganda whilst lots of folk are profiteering from it all and stuffing cash away into bank accounts to buy silly uniforms and keep the business running well?

Let me just say this you, Jayda. I’d hate to think anything like this was true, because abuse is fucking awful, end of. The world’s full of it. Sick sick shit, everywhere, but how does all this stuff you and those angry men (women) marching streets making threats to the Muslim community help? How does invading mosques help? How does building a business on hate help? There’s so much more we could do and so many other ways we can change things.

Please consider the many other options, and try to consider how refreshing it is to be free of hate, and fear, and full of acceptance and compassion, tolerance and understanding.

Peace and Love,


19 October 2015

Why We Target #Ukip – In A Nutshell

Noticed a question on Twitter today …
"Ignore characters in party and media rhetoric; which UKIP policies do you dislike most. Genuine question…"
Interesting. We’ve been asked this before.

15 October 2015

Demolition Of An Argument : Yes, #Ukip Is A Racist Party

This is a long post. Dip in and out as you see fit. 
Well done if you get to the end of it.

We came across a new UKIP blogger yesterday, a 'student of journalism', and we discovered an intriguing piece that was certainly fairly well written, a UKIP rarity indeed.

However the poor chap seems to be studying at the 'Daily Express' School of Journalism, in that 'factual accuracy' and 'telling both sides of the story' seem to be entirely optional elements, and were replaced with 'lift huge chunks out of the various UKIP releases and repost without challenging them'.

He's quite recently become a UKIP member, having just joined in May this year, around the time UKIP membership peaked, and just before the downward spiral of losing 10,000 members. He's a confirmed Eurosceptic, but we can't tell whether his Euroscepticism has led to his Immigration views or vice-versa. With UKIP supporters, it's often one or the other.

Well, as he's a rookie in this game, we were interested in his article entitled "My 12-point argument against the notion that UKIP is a racist party". Surely there'd be something new in there for us to sink our teeth into? Something different?

Sadly, a brief scan confirmed that it was pretty much straight from the UKIP manual, all the points we've seen before so many times, and each point easily defeated, a process we've gone through every time each argument is raised on our Twitter feed for the last three years.

But we thought it might make a reasonable opportunity for us to collate in one place, all of the ripostes to the various claims made by UKIP on the subject of racism.

Sorry, Oliver Norgrove, nothing personal - you just walked into our sights at the wrong time.

He begins:

Okay, let's stop right there. Oh, dear, and it was going so well up to that point.

For someone wishing to place himself as, dare we say, a more moderate Kipper, this phrase (just eight words in) is a clear pointer to his position. The phrase ‘Cultural Marxism’ is an oft-denounced 'Conspiracy Theory', dating from about 1920 - but the more modern variant has been popularized more recently by the right wing American Tea Party Movement.

More pointedly, it is a favourite of American White Supremacists fighting the supposed 'White Genocide' i.e. White Nationalists, and was even quoted as a motivation behind the horrific crimes of Anders Breivik.

12 October 2015

QuantumOverlord on Twitter Wanted A Debate With Us

@QuantumOverlord said Twitter wasn’t good enough, and wanted to write more.

He wrote this.
Q: "I do sympathize with UKIP as a party, however I do not agree with their policies on everything. Furthermore, I do acknowledge some people that vote UKIP are racist. Ironically perhaps more than 50% of UKIP voters sympathize strongly with labor which implies these voters are ignorant to the point they do not even realize UKIP is a fiscally conservative party. Such ignorance is not necessarily a vice, however it does suggest many supports of UKIP do not understand what the party represents. Were I of a more strident disposition I would be tempted to call these people ‘useful idiots’."

Q: "However the party itself and its policies is not well reflected in these individuals. Douglas Carswell, the party’s only MP, is a self described Gladstonian liberal and small government libertarian. And it is the balance of classical liberalism along with the namesake euroskeptism that attracted me to the party. Furthermore I consider myself to be a pragmatist and a realist and appreciate in these terms the need for controlled immigration (with the exception of the Green party, most political parties in the UK would also agree that mass, uncontrolled immigration is undesirable)."
Q: "I suggest to you that part of the reason UKIP is called racist so much is because immigration is a signature policy to UKIP and therefore bears the brunt of criticism from those that support mass immigration. To summarize, while my views are not identical to those of UKIP, my motivations for supporting the party are out of pragmatism, euro-skeptism and economic permissivism. And while my motivations are likely to be dissimilar to a significant minority of UKIP supports, they are not so incongruent with the party itself."

11 October 2015

Our Position On The EU Referendum - From SLATUKIP And Women Defy Ukip

We are passionately opposed to Ukip. You probably gathered that.

Our views on the EU and the forthcoming Referendum are a little more complex. There are a few of those in various Anti UKIP camps/groups who are actually in favour of an Exit, and plenty who are undecided. EU conversations are already taking place in various Anti Ukip forums - and some of them have been a little heated.

So we feel the time is right to clarify our position, on behalf of both SLATUKIP and Women Defy Ukip.

1. The EU is a separate issue from our fight against Ukip. We fully acknowledge that Anti UKIP does not automatically mean Pro EU.

2. Within SLATUKIP, WDU and various Anti UKIP Groups there are people in both Pro and Anti EU Camps. We acknowledge this and respect it.

3. Whether anyone Anti Ukip states any opinions either way on the EU does not detract from their position on Ukip and will not be taken that way.

4. We will freely challenge either side's use of misinformation. People must decide their EU stance - and their vote - on Fact, not Rhetoric.

5. We ask that any EU discussion in Anti Ukip Forums/Groups will be polite and fact-based. Aside from our views on the EU, we are all united in our fight against Ukip and we will not allow a separate issue to detract from that.

6. The Groups, IN or LEAVE, who are vying for the official Electoral Commission selection as Nominated Group are many and varied. We will refrain from actively promoting or denigrating any particular Group, IN or LEAVE.

7. The one exception to the above point is Leave.EU. This is a purely Ukip / Farage / Arron Banks controlled Group and is the effective Ukip Brexit Front. They already have rightly accrued a reputation for falsehoods on Social Media, and their involvement in the process is detrimental to a free, and fairly informed EU Referendum.

10 October 2015

Winston Churchill On Europe – The Quotes, The Truth

We note the continued trend of Ukip followers on Social Media using, or misusing, various quotes from Winston Churchill to justify their position on the EU. Some of these quotations are actually true. Some of them he retracted later in life, or changed his viewpoint entirely.

It’s unethical to extract a quotation without context, so here we clarify and expand on the quotations used the most, these three;
“We are with Europe, but not of it…”
“If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea…”
“We must build a kind of United States of Europe…”

3 October 2015

To #Ukip Eurosceptics – A Message, A Question

Always we have always fought UKIP on their Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, Islamophobia, etc, etc.

A trickier subject to fight on is the central Ukip aim of Brexit. In fact, the Exposing UKIP team actually have some Eurosceptics within it.

Yes, it’s true. There *is* actually a Ukip policy which a few of us agree with. Shocking.

However what’s clear is the Ukip central debating point of Immigration. The economics of Brexit are neatly side-stepped as Ukip continue to make Immigration the key point of the debate.

Why ? Because they know that so many are concerned about the issue - and they can and will take full advantage of that. Whereas the economic arguments are trickier to handle for Ukip.
For the economic debate on whether we’ll be better off Out or In, that’s for another day, and is not the point of this post.

Brexit Referendum is why you joined.
No need to stay in Ukip now.

For many Eurosceptics, Brexit is why they joined Ukip. Getting that Referendum was always the goal.

You had to hold your nose to those other policies – and people – that you didn’t agree with. You had to pretend that almost weekly ejections of Ukip Officials, Members and Candidates for various forms of Hate Speech weren’t happening.

Because it was all about Brexit.

Perhaps that’s understandable. We sometimes have to choose strange bedfellows.

Well, the EU referendum will be a reality soon. So … the job is done.

So is there any need for you to support Ukip at all now?

In fact, isn’t Brexit more likely if you target your support towards a more cross-party Eurosceptic group?

Arron Banks.
Runs and owns Leave.EU.
Runs and owns Ukip.
The Electoral Commission will choose which Group will lead the No Campaign, and there are many rivals. The requirement is for this Nominated Group to have cross-party support. Arron Banks’ Leave.EU does not have that – and never will.

No-one – no-one – wants to work with Farage or Banks. Leave.EU will put Ukip – and the divisive Nigel Farage – front and centre, and alienate non-Ukip Eurosceptics with it’s Immigration rhetoric.

The type of UKIP rhetoric that
will piss off the undecideds

That Brexit you’ve been dreaming of? Chance blown. Farage will turn Brexit into a purely Ukip operation. And you will lose.

The most likely Eurosceptic group to actually win the Electoral Commission approval (as of October 2015, although Grassroots Out could now be the favourite, as of February 2016) is probably the cross-party Business For Britain – the group supported by Douglas Carswell, and the group that Farage has spent the last week taking cheap shots at.

Yes, Farage is so dedicated to Brexit that he’s spent more time this week attacking his fellow Eurosceptics who might steal his glory than actually addressing the issues. And he’s keeping the vitriol going.

Rather amusingly Farage said that “Brexit would not be won from SW1”.

Issued in a Press statement by Leave.EU, from their London office. In, er, SW1.

So if you’re a Ukip Eurosceptic, perhaps your support should be going to ‘Britain For Business’, simply because it gives you the best chance. A splintered, bickering, Farage-dominated campaign based purely on Immigration with Leave.EU will keep Britain in the EU.

For you, it’s reached a nexus. You have to decide whether you are Eurosceptic or UKIP.

Because right now, it’s one or the other.

You have to ask yourself …

“Do I really need to support Ukip any more?”

“Or should I regain some humanity and credibility instead?”