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31 January 2016

Demolition Of An Argument - Yes, Ukip IS A Racist Party

Back in October 2015 we wrote a very long post, addressing a dozen points - arguments which had been put to us (many, many times) explaining how Ukip was not a racist Party.

On the occasion of transferring that post to here, our new home, we decided to update it with latest information.

It is just as relevant now, perhaps more so. Here's our updated version.

When We Write A Blog Piece And #Ukip Loons Respond ...

The Problem With #Brexit Misinformation

True, we see it on both sides. But the main exponents seem to be the various OUT groups.

The campaigns 'for real' haven't even started yet, and we are waiting patiently for actual factual arguments on both sides before we and the British Public make our decision.

Meanwhile, we see outright lies from all sides.

Here's a good example.

This Telegraph Article, "Brexit vote could turn UK into a 'safe haven' triggering EU disintegration, say Barclays" contained such words as:
"could" (5 times), "may" (twice) and "if".
In the tweet by @BeLeaveBritain this suddenly became;
"is" ...

They also claimed that "Barclays are clear" about the matter, when in fact the article was far from it. The article posits a scenario but never at any point claims that this will be the actual outcome.

And Brexit Groups wonder why their lack of integrity and truthfulness is encouraging people firmly to stay IN ?

UKIP Scotland Chairman Arthur 'Misty' Thackeray Quits After Sex Charges

We've been on this guys case for a while.
A famed member of Ukip Scotland (all 6 of them), he has a documented history of racism, islamophobia, bigotry and homophobia.

After appearing in court on a series of sex call charges, he quit.

'AMT''s previous form.
But Ukip should have kicked him out long ago. He has openly boasted of being part of the SDL - Scottish Defence League, the north of the border wing of the English Defence League, a proscribed organisation under Ukip rules.

He has also openly boasted about his part in various Far-Right Events.

Thackeray, right, with Ukip MEP David Coburn, left.

How he lasted so long is a question easily answered - he has been protected by Ukip MEP David Coburn. No longer.

Full story at the Scottish Daily Record.

30 January 2016

Staff Wars In Strasbourg As UKIP’s European Operation Unravels

Not content with his appearance in our previous article, MEP James Carver’s Brussels Chief-of-staff, Liam Porter, is featured again following a fresh revelation regarding staff bullying among UKIP staff. The Rochdale born adviser allegedly engaged in a “hatchet job” against a fellow member of the party’s backroom team, by spreading a malicious and untrue rumour suggesting his colleague had “endorsed the Bataclan massacre” in a Facebook post.

When challenged by UKIP officials to produce evidence to confirm the post, Porter crumbled under pressure and blamed his partner, Laura Henderson; maintaining that infact she had flagged up the social media entry and reported it to him in an effort to “protect the party”.

Liam Porter and his partner, Laura Henderson
According to our sources, Henderson, who works for UKIP’s taxpayer funded pan-European foundation, was reprimanded by her boss, the IDDE Director, Laurie Ferrari, and a letter of apology was quickly issued to the UKIP staffer who was the target of the malicious attack, clearing him of any wrongdoing.

No official action was taken against Mr Porter by his MEP or by UKIP.

On A Non #Ukip note: Let's Be Honest - #Trump Fans Are Not The Sharpest Knives

Oh, dear. Those expensive US College Educations really working out...

(H/T @AngrySalmond on Twitter)

Britain First Denounced By Every Major Christian Denomination In The UK

From the Huffington Post...

Britain First - who claim to be a "Christian Group" yet fail to display and actual Christian Values - have been "Denounced By Every Major Christian Denomination In The UK."

Representatives of 14 churches and Christian groups have variously described the political party as "extremist", "self-serving" and "blasphemous" and condemned its actions as:
"Hi-jacking the name of Jesus Christ to justify hatred and spread fear".
Golding and Fransen of Britain First, with crosses. How very KKK.

A spokesman for the Evangelical Alliance said;
"Let's get this straight. Britain First do not speak for Christians. Their message of hate is entirely at odds with the Christian faith."
Real Christian values ...
We totally agree.

A man is known by his values; To be a Christian is to show love and charity for fellow man; to welcome strangers; to do good as best as one can; .. and even if you're not a Christian, these are pretty good rules to live by.

And by the way, the basic teachings of Islam and Judaism are exactly the same message.
.. like these.

Britain First's view of Christianity is a Fight To The Death with Islam.

How very medieval. And they accuse Muslims of living in past centuries? The Crusades are over, chaps. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Full story at The Huff.

Fascist And Anti-Fascist Groups Clash At Service Station En Route To Dover Demos

"Windscreen smashed, swastika daubed on side of coach and one man arrested before protests that are expected to cause disruption."

AntiFascist coach damaged
by Neo Nazis
One man has been arrested and a number of coaches damaged in a clash between fascist and anti-fascist protesters who stopped at the same motorway services on their way to opposing demonstrations in Dover.

At least one windscreen was smashed and a swastika was daubed on the side of a coach, allegedly in blood, after rightwingers attacked using sticks and debris found around the car park of the service station.

Swastika daubed on
the side of a coach
Anindya Bhattacharyya, 44, from Whitechapel in east London, who was travelling with the anti-fascist group, said he was away from the coaches and inside the service station when violence erupted.

More at The Guardian.

Hand Grenade Thrown At Refugee Shelter In Germany In Latest Attack On Asylum Seekers

So, it has begun.

What might be labeled terrorism (if it was carried out by a Muslim) is called a 'criminal act' when asylum seekers are the actual intended victims.

20 asylum seekers were asleep in the room, but the device failed to go off.

"Just luck" said the local Police, after the device was detonated in a controlled explosion. "This is an entirely new level of Hate and Violence."

The dehumanising of migrants and refugees has reached such a point that para-military action against them, such as this, is not only increasing but seems not to have hit the headlines very much.

Do the events of Cologne justify this action, against unconnected persons?

Does a stabbing in Sweden by a Somali boy justify a mob of hundreds of masked and arm-banded thugs, connected to Right Wing Football Gangs, rampaging and targeting immigrant children unconnected to the crime?

How brave of these 'Patriots'.

29 January 2016

Eurosceptics Won't Win The EU Referendum By Punching Themselves In The Face

From the Telegraph:
"The bickering Leave campaigns don't do their cause any good as the case for Brexit gets lost in the battle of egos"
As we've said for .... THE LAST YEAR.

Excellent piece this, going into full detail of just some of the past and current infighting within the Brexit Camps that we've covered in the last year or so. Oh, it's brutal - and getting nastier by the day. Farage v Carswell, Banks v Cummings, Ukip vs ... Everybody Else. It's not pretty, or grown up.

And the ultimate quote from an undecided Tory:
"I'm going to wait until the egos have calmed down."
Who has the key for this lock? Not Nigel.
Reminding you all that we here are undecided on Brexit. But one thing we're clear on: Having Farage and Ukip in the mix is a guarantee losing strategy.

Nigel got the Referendum. But he'll never win it by leading.

More here...

Our New Site, And a Restating Of Our Resistance to the Far Right

"So-Called Refugees"
Daily Mail, 1900
Yes, here we finally are, with our brand new site, devoted to taking apart all things Right Wing, Far-Right, and wherever Ukip think they are right now.

We will also be occasionally covering stories from the USA, and from Europe, both in the EU itself, and the rise of Far Right groups across the Continent.

We welcome your input and feedback - submissions, links to stories we might have not spotted, opinions and comment.

"Jews 'Pouring In'"
Daily Mail, 1933
These are strange times, are they not? A world-wide Financial Crash, high numbers of desperate refugees coming North and West to Europe, and an entire Faith vilified and blamed for all our ills and woes, blamed by the very people, often, who are really to blame.

It seems to be 1933 all over again.

Then it was the Wall Street Crash, and European Jews fleeing persecution.

But we hear the same hate, the same rhetoric, almost word for word. The rise in not just Far-Right groups in Europe, but Far-Right Parties actually in power, is a challenge to us all.

Many of us, and our forebears, fought against Nazism and Fascism at home and abroad. The best way to honour their fight is to continue the struggle in their name.

And we shall do so.


Not a real Daily Express headline .. but awfully close.

British Voters Give Jeremy Corbyn And Nigel Farage The Same Poor Approval Ratings

From the International Business Times.
"Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Eurosceptic firebrand Nigel Farage share something in common – their poor approval ratings. The British electorate are dissatisfied with the top politicians, with Corbyn and Farage both earning a net rating of -18."

"David Cameron, however, is well ahead of the leader of the opposition and Ukip head honcho, as the prime minister has a net satisfaction rating of -9, according to Ipsos Mori. The telephone poll, of more than 1,000 people between 23 and 25 January, also found that Tim Farron is struggling to be heard."

"The Liberal Democrat leader has a net approval rating of -10 but 46% of those surveyed did not know whether they were satisfied with the Westmorland and Lonsdale MP or not. The research is not all good news for the Tories, though."
Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the post of Labour Leader by such a huge margin, Ukip commentators have made much of Corbyn's 'unelectability' ... despite, of course, Oldham and several local council elections since - one of which saw Labour take a seat from Ukip in Thanet, Farage's 'heartland'.

Photos (c) Getty, Reuters
Disheartening, then, for Ukip to see these numbers. Farage has never denied he is a 'Marmite' character, but Ukip have made great press on occasional leads for Nigel in the popularity stakes. Now that he's level pegging with Corbyn, perhaps Ukip might consider just how popular Nigel actually is.

Perhaps they might come round to our thinking; not only is Farage a toxic character for Ukip, he is, in fact, a toxic character for the Brexit Battle to come.

If Ukip - or any Brexit supporters - wish any chance of success in the coming Referendum, Nigel needs to housetrained. Or muzzled. Or both.

More on this at the IBTimes.

Far-Right in Europe - The Escalating Fight for Poland's Future

From Der Speigel.

The new government in Warsaw is transforming Poland into a nationalist, anti-Western and arch-Catholic country. Now, though, a protest movement is forming, made up of leftist activists, journalists and even a former prime minister.

On a cold, damp Saturday afternoon in January, Christmas decorations were still hanging above Nowy Swiat, a main boulevard in Warsaw. The street was empty, but a large crowd had gathered on Warsaw Uprising Square, where the state-owned television station has its headquarters. Several thousand demonstrators were waving the red-and-white Polish flag and chanting their slogan: "Freedom of the Word." They feared that since the Law and Justice Party (PiS) has come to power and enacted a new law enabling the government to replace managers of public media organizations, freedom of expression is being cut back.

Kamil Dabrowa, one of the demonstrators, certainly felt that way. A day earlier, he had still been head of First Polish Radio. Then he was fired. Joanna Erbel, a sociologist with dyed red hair, was also demonstrating. Erbel, who received an award for her involvement in a neighborhood initiative, said: "Democracy is at stake in Poland."

Mateusz Kijowski was attending a simultaneous demonstration in Lodz. With two earrings in his left ear, a full beard and long gray hair tied together with a rubber band, Kijowski is the leader of a new, non-parliamentary opposition movement, which he founded late last year: the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, or KOD. "The freedom of the press is in jeopardy," he said, "and with it, democracy as a whole." Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, the former conservative premier, stayed at home that day, but he usually attends the anti-government demonstrations too.

In total, about 20,000 people simultaneously protested in Warsaw, Lodz, Berlin, London and Prague that Saturday, marking the third major protest campaign since the national conservatives came into power. The protesters included gay and lesbian activists, environmentalists and veterans of the anti-communist movement that existed before the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as Catholic conservatives and ordinary citizens. They are united by the same fear: that the national conservatives will transform the country to suit their agenda and will curtail freedom in the process.

More at Der Speigel Online.

UKIP Former Leader Criticised For Suggesting Reading Bible In Public May Be Illegal

From an article in Christian Today.
"A UKIP peer has been heavily criticised for asking if it will be illegal to read the Bible out loud in public."

"Lord Pearson of Rannoch, former leader of the UK Independence Party, submitted a question in the House of Lords asking if Christians are at risk of committing a hate-crime against Muslims by "preaching the divinity of Christ or by reading aloud sections of the Bible in public"."

"The peer praised Cameron as "brave" for saying Jesus was the only son of God, because "this will not have gone down all that well with the Islamists."
Well, he's not an idiot - but he is a fool.

One aspect of British life we all fight to protect is Freedom to choose our own Faith. Why did he ask the question when he clearly knows the answer will be "No, never"?

Lord Pearson, former Ukip Leader
Just as he is concerned (in a faux manner, perhaps) with freedom to be a Christian, in public, we would suggest he should be more concerned with the suggestion that following another Faith entirely is the one freedom possibly at risk in Britain.

The anti Islam rhetoric espoused by some aspects of the media - as well as 100s, perhaps many more, Social Media accounts by Ukip supporters - suggest that Christian practices are protected, but Muslim customs are increasingly under threat.

28 January 2016

A Salute And A Warning To Europe

Important video, this. We are repeating the mistakes of history.

27 January 2016

UKIP’s Flirtation With Racism Turns Into A Long Term Relationship

UKIP’s collapse in the 2015 general election means the spotlight of scrutiny has shifted back to Brussels, their bolt-hole of taxpayer funded last resort. From Nigel Farage’s smoke filled office in the Belgian capital, UKIP have cobbled together an uneasy alliance of extreme European parties to assure lucrative group EU funding, worth around £5.6 million, remains available to them.

With donors leaving the party in droves and so much readily available cash it comes as no surprise that UKIP are willing to do deals with some of the most extreme political movements in the EU.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that one of UKIP’s ever dwindling ethnic minority members has been embroiled in a bullying scandal. Glaswegian, Sarinder Joshua Duroch, the author of “Enoch, I am a British Indian”, and now an adviser to UKIP MEPs, claims he was called an “untermensch” in a Brussels bar by an assistant for the extreme-right Sweden Democrats, Carl Joel Ankar. The German word means “subhuman as was used by the Nazis to refer to those who were deemed so racially inferior they deserved extermination.

Ankar has a documented track record of racism and xenophobia stretching back several years, and the legal advisor has already been investigated by the European Parliament for breach of rules. He once called his University professor a “Jewish swine”, and also called for “Muslim invaders to be driven back to the desert, with weapons if necessary”.

26 January 2016

The Truth Behind The #Ukip Myths Of Roger Helmer

Roger Helmer has decided to attempt to debunk a leaflet circulating in East Midlands and he claims he's exposing the truth behind the leaflet entitled 'Ukip Myths'.

So we took at look at Helmer's claims below and considered them one by one.

"Myth #1: “We pay in money to the EU and get nothing back”. "UKIP says no such thing. But we do say that we get only about half back of what we pay in. They give us back a little of our own money, they tell us what to do with it, and then they expect us to be grateful."
  • But we do get all the money back (we are a net contributor) and the money is allocated to such things as scientific research, regional development and job creation (€4.75 billion to England last year from the European Social Funds went to youth job creation). 

"Myth #2: “We have to do whatever the EU tells us — they make our laws”. Of course they don’t make all our laws, and we never said they did. But the widely accepted estimate is that they make around 70% of our laws, and in most areas we have no veto. An official German government study said that Brussels makes 80% of their laws." 
  • The mandate for EU laws is extremely limited. the EU has no mandate for criminal law for example. Most laws passed by the EU relate to social policy and ensuring free trade between member states. There is absolutely no way that 70 to 80% of our laws could be coming from Brussels with this kind of mandate, unless our government was doing absolutely nothing.

"Myth #3: “Your family won’t be affected if we leave”. It certainly will be — and in a good way. UKIP wants to leave the EU because it will make us all better off. Currently EU policies are destroying jobs (think steel closures) and compressing wages for working people. Time to break free."
  • Yes, our families will be disrupted. 2.2 million UK citizens live in other countries in the EU. They could all be coming home. With nowhere to live, and no work. Many British migrants in Spain are retired, having them all return could be detrimental to the NHS, especially as we recently had to hire nurses from Spain, who may well need to return home due to the loss of free movement. As to driving down wages, the EU has no mandate to rule on wages. Germany only recently made laws regarding a minimum wage. The way to stop wages falling is to ENFORCE the minimum wage in the UK - and that has nothing to do with the EU. 

"Myth #4: “Being in the EU stops us from trading with the rest of the world”. No it doesn’t. But it stops us making our own trade deals, with Commonwealth countries, with China, with the USA. Did you know that small countries like Switzerland and even Iceland have made their own trade deals with China? While we’re in the EU, we can’t, and the EU hasn’t." 
  • Germany trades very regularly with countries outside the EU, which would make one assume that it is our own failings that are preventing us from doing this. We also recently did a deal with China AND Boris Johnson recently sold some development land in London to a Chinese based company. Furthermore, if we did forge our own trade deals outside the EU, UKIP assumes that these will be better if we are on our own, rather than having the weight of 27 other countries behind us and at the same table. 

"Myth #5: “Leaving the EU will stop immigration”. No it won’t. We never said it would, and anyway UKIP doesn’t want to “stop immigration”. We just want to get it under control. In the EU, we can’t control the numbers, or our borders, and we are forced to discriminate in favour of unskilled Romanians and against highly qualified people from elsewhere."
  • We are not obliged to take anyone into the country from the EU unless they are considered a "worker" or someone "looking for work". There are no quotas. We don't have to "favour" them in any way over workers from other countries. There are rules in the Directive on Free Movement which state quite categorically that "workers" have the right to move to another EU country to look for work. After three months if no job is found, the Member State is fully within its rights to ask the worker to move on or return. In the meantime, the member state does not have to provide anything. no housing, no benefits, nothing. If an individual is claiming unemployment in their home state., this can be transferred to them. the Directive states quite clearly that "workers" should not be a burden on the social security system of their host state. After three months, if they cannot show that they can support themselves they can be returned. If we are not monitoring this, that is the fault of the UK system and not the EU. 

"Myth #6: “The EU has done nothing for the East Midlands”. No one in UKIP has ever said this. We know that money has come from Brussels to the East Midlands, and some of it has been spent usefully. But it’s not EU money - it’s our money. Every pound we get from Brussels costs the UK economy around £3. So after we leave, we’ll have more money to spend on schools and hospitals and scientific research and the other good things we all want to do."
  • Without the EU, this money would probably not have been allocated to the East Midlands, and taking the cuts that are being made by our present government, they would probably not have gone to initiatives such as technology start ups, and small and medium enterprises. Depressed parts of Wales got 2.2 billion € last year that it wouldn't have had if Westminster had been deciding where to put it. 

9 January 2016

The #BNP Is Dead? No, It’s Not. It’s Alive And Well, Within #Ukip

The people of Barking, and the UK as a whole, rejected the BNP.

 News today that the BNP failed to register correctly as a Political Party with the Electoral Commission has led to early celebrations in some quarters. Not least, here at Slat Towers.

Many of us have spent so many days on the streets, campaigning against BNP over the years. Barking was as familiar to us as our own home town.

But dead? No. They live on, within Ukip.

Where do you think those BNP votes have gone?

In Oldham on 4th December 2015, the BNP 2010 vote of 2546 didn't simply vanish. It went to Ukip. Oldham was one of many constituencies where Nick Griffin ran for power, coming third here in 2001. No wonder Ukip considered it a natural target seat.

And former BNP members currently within Ukip repeatedly get 'outed' by many, including ourselves, despite being 'banned' by UKIP (A banning process which Ukip have never enforced)

The BNP are still here, just wearing a very slightly better suit, and wearing a purple rosette.