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Ukip Votes In The EU

How do you judge a Political Party like Ukip?

You cannot judge them by any Election Manifesto; Ukip, in the full knowledge that they will never gain power, know full well that they can promise anything they want in a Manifesto. They can even pay to get their Manifesto "financially approved". The one case where, in a local Election, a Manifesto Promise had to be delivered - in Thanet Council - Ukip have failed, on the one single issue, Manston Airport, that they campaigned on.

You cannot judge them by any words; Ukip promises and guarantees are almost never, ever, backed by independent data. They are the Party of Lies.

So, we judge them on their actions. And how else to judge a Party by it's actions than to note what positions they take when it actually comes to voting? So we list here a selection of the more interesting vote choices by Ukip in the EU.

Ukip will, of course, claim that their mandate after the Euro Elections in 2014 is to do just what they do - vote against everything, even if that means voting against the interests of the British People.

They have no such mandate - in fact, just the opposite; If those who voted Ukip in 2014 knew Ukip MEPs would vote to block laws to protect vulnerable children, or vote to protect Tax Avoiders, we doubt that Ukip would have MEPs at all.

The usual Ukip empty chairs. When they show up they vote AGAINST our interests.
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(Most recent votes first)


EU Vote 2667 on 25/2/16
'Draft Bill on automatic exchange of financial account information'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", protecting Tax Dodgers again.

EU Vote 2748 on 25/2/16
'Humanitarian situation in Yemen'.
Ukip Vote: "Abstained/No Show", Ukip seem to support bombing of civilians.

EU Vote 2664 on 4/2/16
'Systematic Mass Murder of Religeous Minorities by ISIS'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", trying to block discussion of the matter.

EU Vote 2650 on 3/2/16
'Stategy on Gender equality and women's rights'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", displaying their 1950's misogyny again.

EU Vote 2565 on 21/1/16
'Mutual defence clause (Article 42(7) TEU)'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", putting their Politics over our National Defense needs.

EU Vote 2545 on 20/1/16
'Consumer Protection - Appliances burning gaseous fuels'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", seems they really don't like new Safety Legislation designed to protect us.

EU Vote 2544 on 20/1/16
'Consumer Protection : Personal protective equipment'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", seems they don't like new Safety Legislation designed to protect us.

EU Vote 2543 on 20/1/16
'Presumption of innocence and right to be present at trial in criminal proceedings'.
Ukip Vote: "Abstained", seems they don't want any of us getting a fair trial anywhere.

EU Vote 2531 on 19/1/16'Skills policies for fighting youth unemployment'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", seems they don't want Young People to have jobs.

EU Vote 2530 on 19/1/16
'Hurdles to European female entrepreneurship'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", seems they don't like Women starting their own businesses.


EU Vote 2308 on 2/12/15
'Eu-Liechtenstein Agreement, Exchange of Financial Information'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", protecting TaxDodgers.

EU Vote 2265 on 26/11/15
'Freedom Of Expression In Bangladesh'.
Ukip Vote: "Abstained", failing to Defend Free Speech.

EU Vote 2013 on 29/10/15
'Transparency Of Securities Financing Transactions'. Ukip: 'Against'.
Ukip Vote: "Against", protecting TaxDodgers.

EU Vote 1756 on 27/10/15
'Mandatory Automatic Exchange Of Information In Taxation'.
Ukip Vote: "Abstained", protecting TaxDodgers.