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19 November 2016

The problem with not opposing Brexit #BrexitShambles #Ukip #SingleMarket #Immigration

Time and time again we are told that we should stop moaning, get over it, and accept the result of the EU Referendum and waive away all those rights we have as EU citizens. We are told that the result of the referendum was the 'will of the people' and that 'democracy has spoken' and we are consistently attacked as being traitorous for standing up for what we believe in.

The problem with this is that we feel, as do many others, that we were bullied into a referendum by UKIP and their rowdy mob of rag tag fascists who insisted that if the referendum result had been 52%/48% against them, that it would be 'unfinished business'.

Certainly, whatever the people had voted you can be sure that Kippers & Eurosceptics (egged on and supported by the likes of extreme far right parties like the EDL & Britain First) would never have stopped moaning, and it seems that whatever had happened there would have been a rowdy resistance. They were threatening the same before.

Then of course there are the problems associated with the 2016 referendum and the behaviour of those on the far-right. The hate of foreigners and refugees in an era of post-truth news, and where social media campaigns are funded by rich donors and supported by right-wings newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express and the Sun whose owners don't even live in the UK, yet feel they have a right to commentate and sow seeds of discontent. UKIP did very well from the money that was ploughed into the campaign by the Daily Express owner and the likes of Arron Banks who all have vested interests in leaving the EU, and who care little about the economic and social impact as they will do just fine thank you very much.

What strikes us as particularly ironic and hypocritical is that a party whose sole aim was/is to be anti-EU is the very same party that been creaming off funds to pay for their staff and using it for electioneering purposes in the UK. In doing do they defrauding the system as well as the British tax-payer for their own gain and wages and expenses, and all the time influencing hearts and minds with their racist and xenophobic agenda to further their own machine of hate. The level of influence UKIP and the far right have had in the UK thanks to heavily funded social media campaigns has been far-reaching, and they have behaved appallingly as a party along the way, turning people against each other and trying to take us out of that very EU that funded them so well.

I hear many people, both on the remain and leave sides, saying we should respect the result of the referendum, when UKIP, Farage and co quite obviously would not have done. Those who attack us seem content to let UKIP do what they have done and take us out of the EU but also seem willing to ignore their behaviour and impact on the UK in not only bringing about this referendum, but also by using EU funds to try and demonise the EU and turn the British people against it, and then threaten and hold the country to ransom with threats of disorder and riots should they not get their way. They know exactly what they are doing, and it stinks to hell.

It's the scandal of the century. The way in which UKIP have got away with murder, almost, and left us in a state of turmoil and disarray, whilst they still cream off the funds that keeps them in pocket. Oh, and don't forget about their EU pensions which will keep many of those MEPs comfortable for years to come, while the people suffer the effects of their work.

The way UKIP have behaved in recent years is utterly shameful, the way they have turned the debate into a negative one taking the country back in time to a place many of us felt we'd left behind with the fascists of the past.

We will not give up so easily, and we will fight for our rights as EU citizens as those rights protect us from corruption in Governments of our own country and also guarantee us many hard-earned rights and benefits we will all lose as a country and people if we continue on this path to Brexit destruction.

"Again & again 1 side bows to the rules & to what’s fair-while the other focuses on the ruthless exercise of power”

How much longer are we going to stand by and watch while we let UKIP/The Tories and now Labour try and drag us out of the EU? What else can we do if we continue to play by the rules, and let UKIP get away with this? Surely, if UKIP have got issues with immigration, then why does the Government not do something about it, but destroying our relationship with the EU and taking us out of the single market? That is not the answer. After all, the majority of leave voters wanted to retain single market membership, They did not vote for a hard Brexit.

15 November 2016

How @UKLabour will take us out of the EU and side with the Tories #Brexit #Ukip

I've been a Labour supporter all my adult life, through thick and thin, but to learn today that John McDonnell would not seek 'to prevent or delay Brexit' leaves me wholly disappointed, and I can no longer keep silent. It has become evidently clear the UK is sleepwalking into a disaster over Brexit and the Labour Party seem committed in supporting the Tories while they cackhandedly see this through to the absolute bitter end.

It will come as no surprise when I say they have now lost my vote, because not only are they going against my right as an EU citizen and my right to remain in the EU, they are also supporting a Tory agenda which I believe will destroy the UK economy. No longer can I support a party who will also destroy those rights and my future, and the rights and future of our children. To think, I even stood by them after Tony Blair messed up in Iraq? And then I campaigned for Corbyn! Well I must have been a fool, for it has been painfully clear that I have been duped. The very political party that had one job, to act as an opposition to the Tory party, has now sided with the Tory party to lead us straight out of the EU and into Tory Britain, and so hopelessly failed us again. It is little wonder that UKIP have done so well lately when they clearly appeal to folk who might once have voted Labour, and who feel let down by them and the Tories, and why wouldn't they? The Tories have made a right pigs ear of things, and after all UKIP offers an alternative, a chance to do things differently and this is why so many people have found a new political energy in them. But UKIP isn't the answer. Oh no.

One thing is absolutely clear. Labour have it completely wrong on the EU, as they are ignoring a huge mass of Labour voters. According to YouGov some 65% of Labour voters voted to remain in the EU.

This is a massive problem for Labour now. If 65% of their voters want to remain in the EU then they are going against the majority of their voters, and thus will lose them a lot of votes. Furthermore, if they do this, it will not only potentially destroy their voter base, but they will also be seen as the party who continued to support the Tories and assist them in taking us out of the EU. So isn't it now about time we consider for a moment that despite the mistakes Tony Blair made, he did do one thing right and that's beat the Tory party out of power? I remember sitting at home one evening watching the TV and hearing my father (a lifelong Tory) burst out into tears of joy when Labour won the elections and got into power for he, an outspoken critic of Margaret Thatcher, was overjoyed that finally he had a alternative party that he could vote for after years of vicious Tory rule and a party that would stand by everyone, and not just the 'Blue Collar Class'.

It's time for Labour to do away with class politics, and appeal to the whole electorate again. They won't do that with just 'Corbyn' policies. He's a good man, but he's not everyone's cup of tea. Hell, I'm a socialist, but I know not everyone is a socialist like me. I also like good business and good politics, and good education, but admittedly, I am very poor. But I'm no fan of Thatcher, just like my father.

But wealthy and privately educated Tony Blair won because he took on the Tories and exposed them for what they were, when they were at their very worst, and whilst doing so appealed to the whole of the electorate and not just the ''left wing' and the 'working class'. You can be wealthy, and have social consciences, and be philanthropic in your philosophy, and know how arrogant rudeness about foreigners, and hostility to minorities is dangerous and divisive and how easy it is to show compassion and humanity. You can also be liberal, and kind, and humane, and not need to pander to UKIP to appease people's fears about immigration.

Tony Blair appealed across the board to those who were appalled at the government of the day, and the harsh reign of Thatcher and the rise of Euroscepticism, and years of anti-EU myths which eventually led to Brexit, 2016. But now it's time to let go of the Labour of the past, and those deep-seated class politics that Thatcher played to, and look to a Labour of the future, a Labour party that stands up for everyone and not just the working classes. It is time to let go of the deep-rooted divisions of class amongst those who once voted Labour and appeal once again to all those voters, and look at a radical overhaul of policies and direction in the party. An all inclusive Labour Party that appeals across the board, to all the voters, and stands by all those voters who want to retain their EU membership. Not just the 'liberals' or 'working class'.

It was always clear Corbyn wanted to leave, and now it would seem McDonnell too. As Tony Blair did in 1997, the party must now focus on the very real economic benefits of immigration upon which our infrastructure is built and so depends on, and stop demonising the EU and be stark and clear about their opposition to a Tory party with no mandate.

Labour supports Tory and UKIP lies on immigration and pretends, like today's Daily Telegraph, that the EU made Britain take everyone and give them lifelong benefits. No other EU government did that. Instead, they did what the Treaty allows us all to do (us included) they limited benefits. We could not be bothered to. Why? Because the Tories want to run down the welfare state for their own ends and blame migration for their own selfish goals. Why is Labour supporting this? Why do they lie and pretend that they have got one over on Chancellor Merkel when she reminds us about the Freedom of movement treaty rules?

Brexit is not just about the EU. It is about ensuring that the Tories stay in power. They will do anything to make that possible and even get into bed with Corbyn and McDonnell. Those two have been duped by May. They should call her bluff, not back Brexit. Insist on staying in the EU because the EU is the only place where our rights and jobs will be protected. Trump's brave new world is for the rich, not us.

It's time to vote against Brexit before it causes a major destablisation of the EU, and our allies and compatriots in Europe, The Social Democrats, agree and say stay with us, please.

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