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25 June 2016

Suzanne Evans Is Posting Propaganda and Spin On Facebook About Brexit And #EuRef #Ukip


Despite Nigel Farage openly admitting that the promised £350 million a week for the NHS was a “mistake”, UKIP and the leave camp continue to believe that the people of Britain are gullible and that they will continue to listen to their lies and propaganda.

We have recently come across a message from Suzanne Evans of UKIP where she describes the UK’s “first day of independence” in terms which can only be described as blatant propaganda and the lowest level of political spin.

Also same post here, not sure who wrote it. Presumably Suzanne.And of course, also printed in the Ukip Express, here.

She starts, “the FTSE 100 lost significant ground” in fact, it hit a seven year low, rallied a little, but still closed with significant losses.  Why does this effect you?  Do you have a pension fund? Well forget retiring. Since the Brexit fiasco the FTSE has lost £120 billion. It also lost £100 billion last Wednesday - to put that into perspective that is nearly 20 years contribution to the EU budget wiped off our economy. 

Ms. Evans goes on to say that the pound “rallied”. The pound has lost over 10% of its value in the last week. The exchange rate between the Pound and the Dollar is down to the same levels as 1985, it is now worth nearly the same as the Euro. Why is this bad? As the Leave camp always said, we import more than we export. You do the maths.

Things are only this good because the Bank of England has given some assurances by promising emergency funding of £250 billion. 

Ms. Evans then goes on to say that the our special relationship with the USA will endure. We assume she read this in the Daily Express, owned by a Brexit donor. However, a rather more objective news source, Reuters, makes it very clear that this relationship is under threat:

“The loss of the strongest pro-U.S. voice within the 28-nation bloc, as a result of the “Brexit” referendum, threatens to weaken Washington’s influence in European policymaking and embolden Russian President Vladimir Putin to further challenge the West, analysts and former diplomats say.”

This is very serious. This is more important than a trade deal with the UK and the US and the salvage of the UK’s failing economy, this is threatening the stability of the entire Western world.

Ms. Evans then goes on to say the French government has confirmed that the Touquet Agreement will remain in force. This is the bilateral agreement between France and the UK which ensures that the Jungle housing the Syrian refugees remains in Calais and does not end up in Dover. We can find no authority for this in the press anywhere. In fact, Xavier Bertrand, the President of Hauts-de-France region where Calais is located said “The English wanted to take back their freedom: they must take back their border”

President Juncker has indeed stated that the negotiations for Brexit will be orderly, however there are no guarantees that we will retain the close connections with our former EU partners that we have now. They are not happy at the referendum result. The European Parliament is demanding that the UK trigger Article 50 TFEU so that this fiasco can continue with some dignity. If you are surprised at this, don’t forget that in his 15 years in the European Parliament, Nigel Farage hardly made friends and influenced people. Many times he has brought our former EU partners to the limits of their patience; openly called them Communists and Nazis. They are hardly likely to have forgotten this when they enter these negotiations. It has also been pointed out that the UK government has only 12 Trade Negotiators, and at least 100 will be needed to pull of this negotiation deal. This is not going to be an easy thing to do in a hurry. However, do not blame our EU partners, these problems are purely the fault of our own Government’s complacency and Nigel Farage’s infantile propensity to insult “foreigners”.

Ms. Evans then goes on to describe how “a big bank” (no mention of which one) has said it will not be transferring jobs over to the EU. This is what we found in the press:

“You’re looking at 50,000 to 70,000 London finance jobs being moved overseas in the next 12 months,” says one consultant working with one of the top finance strategy firms in the City. “Jobs are going to be cut, and those cuts are going to start next week.”

Ms. Evans now goes on to talk about the CBI - sating that whilst they were previously against Brexit now they were fully on board. That is not how we interpret their statement. This sounded to us more like a word of warning and encouragement toward companies who were about to weather the worst economic storm they had ever had to face. Their statement also stresses the importance of the EU to our economy.

Even once we have left, the EU will continue to be our biggest trading partner, and the first destination for many companies when they start to export.

Finally, she states that several countries are interested in beginning bilateral talks with Britain. The only one we can find is Ghana.

To be more precise, this is not even a new trading deal. This is a renegotiation of an existing deal which was put in place via the EU. The only reason Ghana wants to talk to the UK bilaterally is that the UK is its largest trading partner within the EU.

Ms. Evans starts her statement with the words “A Prime Minister resigned” - This is the only accurate part of the entire statement.

We are amazed that after all the lies and propaganda spread throughout the referendum campaign, that UKIP would continue to try to dupe the British people. UKIP obviously believe that we are uneducated and gullible. This makes us extremely angry. The vote to leave has already left the UK economy in tatters, we dread to think what will become of it by the time we have negotiated our exit.
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