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30 April 2016

Are We Witnessing The Death Of Britain First ?

The London Mayoral Election has been for Britain First, in Paul Golding's own words, a 'disaster'.

Hey, Golding, we could have told you that in advance. Because it always is.

And it's been nicely summed up in this video from The Independent. Image links to the original post. give it a watch.

29 April 2016

The Curious Case Of #Ukip's Rosie Ward

As with many of UKIP’s ‘bright young things’, Rosaline ‘Rosie’ Ward’s rise up the UKIP ranks is a tale of back stabbings and cover-ups. It's the way, in Ukip.

First picked up at a UKIP ‘luncheon’ by outed anti-Semite Stuart Guppy, she was quickly passed around to UKIP Councillor Harry Blakeley, who in turn groomed her for a meteoric climb up UKIP’s greasy pole - which concluded in a rather cushy job in the European Parliament, from all reports doing very little.

Cornwall Councillor Harry Blakeley
promotes Rosie Ward’s rise.
[Click for email detail].ption
Blakeley was 69 at the time and a married County Councillor,” explains a former branch officer who has since quit the party.

He was often seen driving around with her and soon engineered her appointment as Branch Chairman. He also touted her to Nigel personally and attempted to have her employed as YI (UKIP’s youth movement) Press Manager."

“The fact she was [at 16] younger than his grandchildren didn’t seem to bother him; but a lot of us felt quite uneasy about their relationship. Our parliamentary candidate once commented that he thought Blakeley was 'infatuated' with her.”

Indeed, whenever his young protégé was criticised, Blakeley would attack with ferocity, ‘denouncing’ members and the public alike. For the aging Cornwall Councillor, Ward could do no wrong.

So when local patrons found evidence of BNP affiliated articles, authored under her name on Nick Griffin ally, Jack Buckby’s Culturalist website, Blakeley lied to members to get her off the hook.

Steve Crowther, UKIP National Chairman, also weighed in by officially telling concerned staff that he had “concluded that for a 16-year-old it was a mistake which should be acknowledged but should not terminate her political involvement.”

Clearly many in UKIP were prepared to look the other way and continue to promote the young woman in the public eye.

Cornwall Councillor Harry Blakeley
attacks members and officials for
raising concerns about Ward’s BNP links
[Click for email details]
Ward’s 'management' of the Camborne & Redruth branch was reportedly “ineffectual”, and she soon became embroiled in a public scandal after her infamous ‘drugs party’ was reported by the national press.

As always Councillor Blakeley was there to save the day and her mandate was reaffirmed.

UKIP soon entered the planning stage for the 2015 general election, and with Camborne & Redruth listed as their third highest target seat UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther was confident that an 18-year-old with no experience was fit to lead the campaign.

Rosie Ward wrote for BNP insider
Jack Buckby here with Nick Griffin
"Ward should have never been given that level of responsibility at her age,” comments a former UKIP colleague.

“Putting someone so young into a public position under scrutiny like that, especially when it is UKIP is very irresponsible; but Blakeley refused to entertain any suggestions otherwise. He had his own agenda to keep promoting her and that is exactly what he did.”

“Pointing out that she was making repeated gaffes and ruining her own reputation was seen by Blakeley as ‘unfair criticism’. He even started ghost writing offensive internal letters and asking her to send them out under her name. He should be ashamed of himself.”

Issues came to a head when Camborne & Redruth’s candidate was arrested and charged for animal cruelty. Ward took the wise decision to use this incident to resign from her role. The new candidate, Bob Smith, banned the young ‘kipper’ from any activity in the campaign due to her BNP affiliations; including a keynote speech she was due to give at the YI Conference; much to the chagrin of her replacement ... the ever present Councillor Blakeley.

According to comments from a former Camborne and Redruth branch Chairman posted on an internet blog, Ward was told to leak information about the election campaign; including sensitive information about party leader Nigel Farage. This, once again at the behest of Harry Blakeley.

Ward listed as Intern at EFDD
After several months’ inactivity Rosie Ward was interviewed for a position in UKIP’s Brussels office. We are told that the interviewing official was in possession of a ‘large dossier’, which included information about her links to the BNP and articles written for Culturalist, plus negative social media posts criticising her constituency candidate and other party colleagues.

(Ward has since worked hard to remove all references to her BNP work, but caches and links remain active)

“UKIP member and right wing individual”
Ward joins a BNP affiliated site
However, for reasons unknown, UKIP’s European level staff, including MEPs, decided to ignore the evidence - and BNP affiliation - and offer the YI member a three month paid intern contract.

What Ward’s duties amounted to at the European Parliament have never been specified, but we’re told that she was “taken under the wing” of senior UKIP advisor, Anthony Brown; who immediately began posting her articles on his personal website.

“Nobody really knew why she was there or what she was doing,” remarks a former colleague. “Apart from taking several coffee breaks a day there didn’t seem to be much output. The main thing I recall was her posting nonsense on social media, and that her housing situation was compromised for much of her stay and she did the rounds asking colleagues for a thousand Euros to pay her deposit.”

Rosie Ward, now 19, has since quit social media and we are told no longer has involvement with the party - although she has been heavily featured in posts by the Leave.EU Campaign.

Ward featured in a
'Students For Britain'
'Brexit' post.
While her age is a factor, remember UKIP Councillors and even their National Chairman were happy to put this young woman in a high profile public role and use her for their own ends.

Perhaps her involvement with the BNP can be seen as naivete, but it proves once again that UKIP are happy to overlook such affiliations - so long as it helps their cause.

This post is less about Rosie Ward and more about how Ukip, a party dominated by middle-aged males, jumped at the chance of a photogenic token female future candidate, regardless of skills or knowledge. So much so that her BNP history was casually, effortlessly air-brushed away as a minor inconvenience.

We understand that although Ward has been 'off radar a bit' recently, this is more due to her studies than any other factor.

We expect her to resurface at some time, branded, polished and with a whitewashed history.

Stay tuned.

11 April 2016

The #Ukip Brussels Shuffle - 'Nazi' Storch IN, Ethnic Minority Advisor Duroch OUT

Ukip's Party in the EU, EFDD, relies on it's cross-nation, cross-party make-up for EU funding. So what does Farage do when that's under threat?

We've already seen before how a Polish Neo-Nazi was hurriedly 'drafted in' to make up the numbers when EFDD funding was under threat. Seems Ukip are quite happy - very happy, in fact - to bring in Neo Nazis and Extremists - as long as they guarantee the future of the EU cash.

At the same time, what do Ukip do when one of their own employees, an ethnic minority, has factually based complaints of witnessed and verified racial harassment?

Well, if you're Ukip, you sack him, of course.

Countess Von Storch, from a Nazi Family.
Farage's new best friend.
UKIP have reaffirmed their racist credentials by dispensing of the services of the key ethnic minority advisor who blew the whistle on racist intolerance within the EFDD while at the same time recruiting German MEP Countess Beatrix Von Storch from the very far-right Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party into their EU Parliament political group.

But UKIP don’t do half measures, and true to form Farage’s rabble lurched into yet another social media racism storm as a key activist involved in their Scottish manifesto launch was pictured in full ‘blackface’ make-up.

Twenty-four hours which even by UKIP standards, will take some beating.

Storch, one of two AfD representative at European level is reported to have been ‘asked to leave’ (read: 'kicked out') the Tory led ECR group after “tensions” emerged as a result of the German party’s hard line on immigration. This is not news to Storch, who entire family history for generations has been Nazi to the core.

In a parting shot, AfD accused Conservative MEP Syed Kamal (who Farage claims he wants to work with in the Brexit referendum) of “excluding” their delegation from committees and releasing “untruthful statements” via the ECR press office.

Tensions came to a head within the ECR after the German far-right party, which has capitalised on negative reactions to Angela Merkel’s refugee policy, made statements suggesting border guards should shoot women and children attempting to enter Germany illegally. It is reported that Nigel Farage’s team were quick to seize the chance to recruit AFD, brushing aside concerns about their “strong rhetoric”.

AfDs defection to the EFDD will no doubt help to assuage fears of another group collapse, as the Eurosceptic grouping now has an extra national delegation to strengthen it and bring the number of individual national parties to 8. (European Parliament groups require a minimum of 7 nationalities to qualify for the lucrative funding.)

Sources inside the European Parliament tell us that EFDD’s Dariuz Sobkow and Hermann Kellyboth named in an official investigation for racism and intolerance, were “instrumental” in orchestrating the recruitment of AfD this week. So it comes as no surprise that the far-right alliance has taken this chance to remove British Indian advisor, Sarinder Joshua Duroch, from his job.

Our insiders tell us that Glaswegian Duroch, who was on official European Parliament sick leave as a result of stress linked to racial bullying, reported back to his boss, Pierre Vaugier, only to be informed he was “no longer employed by EFDD/UKIP”. It appears that the party used a procedural loophole to end his tenure, by offering then quickly withdrawing a contract extension offer before he could respond.
“As far as we are aware Mr Duroch was sent a new contract by internal mail, but as he was not present to sign it EFDD withdrew the offer,” said a European Parliament source who asked not to be named. 
“They knew he [Duroch] had been ordered by the EU Parliament medical service not to attend the office so they decided to capitalise on it by hiding behind an obscure procedure. 
“It’s a really dirty trick, but what else can you expect from racists and neo-Nazis, it’s nothing they haven’t done before.”
Duroch, who was called “untermench” by fellow EFDD advisor, Carl Joel Ankar, had become a “problem” for EFDD/UKIP over the past six months. After his official complaint regarding racism and intolerance was passed onto the European Parliament authorities it caused the Swedish Democrats to threaten to leave the group, jeopardising UKIP’s much needed £5.6m tax-payer funding.

Parliamentary authorities are reportedly in the final stages of deliberation before making their recommendations to EFDD/UKIP on the basis of the complaints and accompanying statements, however, rather than wait, we’re told the “highest levels” of UKIP ordered their Brussels based staff to remove Duroch “by any legitimate means”. By 'highest levels' - read 'Farage'.

Recruiting their new German ally was the only ‘positive’ UKIP are able to take from this week. Their Scottish manifesto launch has already been overshadowed by the publication of images showing former candidate, Jack Neil, wearing ‘blackface’ make-up and a clown nose. Something which is totally unacceptable and would constitute an instant expulsion from a legitimate party.

Jack Neill, racially sensitive chap that he is.
The excuse this time was “it is something one does in their spare time”. Well, given that it is UKIP, it’s probably true, after all this is the party that recruited MEP Bill Etheridge after he posed with a gollywog and was suspended by the Tories.  So, Duroch has been ‘sacked’ for reporting racism, and we doubt that Neil will suffer the same fate.

Ukip truly have excelled themselves this week.

Expelling an ethnic minority for refusing to accept racism;
Not expelling a high-profile member for racism;
And recruiting a woman who's known only for her neo-Nazi views.

You could also point to this 24 hour period and state, genuinely ...

This. Is. Ukip.

Full Collapse Of Entire #Ukip Cornwall As Another Councillor Quits

Cornwall might be on the periphery of the UK, but when it comes to UKIP it is central to their plans - and for those of us who keep tabs, an interesting barometer of UKIP fortunes. ‘Kipper’ success in the Duchy was at one time promoted heavily by the party, after it ‘won’ the 2014 EU elections with 37% of the vote in the county, it also returned the party six seats in 2013’s local elections.

Cornwall: Lots of elderly retirees, and by the sea. Perfect Ukip territory, you'd think.
The county has a unitary authority council running it, and there is high support for a Cornish assembly that would maximise devolved powers replacing the existing system, and although UKIP are against it, at one time they conceivably could have won seats in the proposed ‘parliament’.

It’s also one of just two UK regions (along with South Wales) in receipt of generous European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) worth around £500m over six years. This money has been used to fund infrastructure and education, however, UKIP wish to do away with it and despite claims they would replace it we’re yet to see any costed, serious, plans.

With the news that UKIP Cornwall Councillor Mark Hicks has quit, the party’s local representatives have fallen to just two, from the original six. We have already covered the situation with racism and anti-Semitism in our previous articles, and with UKIP’s utter unprofessionalism and repeated gaffes in Cornwall we feel they are totally unelectable. This should be a warning for anybody considering voting for UKIP as their local representative.

Here is our run down of UKIP’s Cornish Council failures. 

MICHAEL KEOGH – Elected to a ward in the Falmouth and Truro area, Keogh became the first of the six to quit just months after the election. No official explanation from UKIP was given but rumours circulated about his health issues, which we are told were legitimate.

VIV LEWIS – Lewis claimed he was a paper candidate who just happened to get elected (by 12 votes) and in his mid-eighties when he came to office. Immediately involved in public bout of racism, he claimed he couldn’t be racist because he had “been to the West Indies on holiday”.  He resigned in 2015 and his seat was won by Labour. Mr Lewis passed away in January of this year.

HARRY BLAKELEY – Blakeley a former brewery manager resigned from his seat just weeks after the general election, triggering a by-election at additional cost to the tax-payer. His tenure as a Cornwall Councillor was marred by several embarrassing gaffes (full blog post on them soon) including illegally allowing travellers onto private land, and a string of very strange episodes involving his ‘protégé’ the notorious Cornish BNP activist, Rosie Ward.

MARK HICKS – A “strange individual” who we are told was “never seen” at UKIP events and functions. Turned up for council votes but did nothing else of note. We’re also told Hick’s “goes everywhere with his parents”. He stood down suddenly citing “personal reasons" using a facebook message to write to the leader of Cornwall Council.

DEREK ELLIOTT – We’re told Elliott is a “solid councillor and a good chap”. A 2010 PPC who had a good profile in his constituency, he was pushed aside for ‘big draw’ Bob Smith, a personal friend of Nigel Farage for the Camborne/Redruth target seat. Still remains a Cornwall Councillor but we are told he won’t be running again in 2017.

STEPHANIE McWILLIAMS – Long term UKIP insider and former party health spokeswoman who has done the rounds on regional and county committees. Led the council election campaign on a pledge to oppose house building, but then voted for a 45’000 increase anyway. A lame duck since the housing vote, McWilliams was also involved in the anti-Semitic cover up in St Ives (see our previous articles) which caused donors to withdraw £100k in funding and support. We’re are also told she “did nothing” to support her general election candidate. She has since resigned her chairmanship of South East Cornwall and does not plan to seek re-election in 2017.

Cornwall - a little microcosm of how Ukip works.

7 April 2016

A Letter To Douglas Carswell Of #Ukip

Dear Mr Carswell,

Douglas. Dougie. Mate!

So, how are things, hmm? Good. Listen, we've been thinking.

You know all those reasons you gave for leaving the Tories and joining Ukip?

We've just reviewed... and you've achieved all of those.

  • A EU Referendum? Check.
  • Freedom to speak on Brexit? Check.
  • A shed load of publicity? Check.
  • On TV a lot more? Check.
You've done well ! Really well.

So ... isn't it time you went home, now?

You see, everyone knows you've always been a Tory, really. You've voted constantly in Parliament with them, almost always against Ukip's agenda. So nothing very much has changed in that regard.

But you gave Ukip a legitimacy that you're probably regretting right now. It probably seemed a good idea at the time. You were unknown outside Clacton. Or even in Clacton.

But since day 1, you've never really been accepted, have you? Tories hated you for being Ukip. Ukip hated you for being still a Tory. You freely accepted being the 'acceptable face' of a Party of Hate, telling yourself, every day, "It's all for Brexit".

Thing is, Ukip have now officially disowned you. They no longer need you, or want you. Nigel says he barely remembers who you are. Party members abuse you constantly. And you're are a leading light in the Brexit Group which is a rival to Ukip's own, so you don't need them either.

Now you've got what you wanted, isn't it time you put your coat on, gave Paul Nuttall the finger (metaphorically, please) and headed back?

Is there any benefit, at all, to staying?

You wouldn't lose out financially - but Nigel would. Can't you just imagine the look on his face?

In happier times

Now consider this: The one thing holding back your Brexit dream in the next 80 days is probably the uncontrolled antics of Ukip. Nigel, the long time cheerleader for EU Exit, his 'Cash Daddy' Arron Banks, and his website scrawler, Kassam at Breitbart, are all fixated on bringing you down, as well as Suzanne. Not really a happy family, are you?

Frankly, you probably stand more chance of Brexit if you cut the ties with the clowns, and announce it publicly soon.

Oh, yeah, one last thing: Suzanne phoned, she wants to go with you.

Best to the wife and kids.


4 April 2016

Ukip, Brexit - And The NHS. 200 Leading Medical Experts Speak Out

Ukip recently pushed heavily the anti EU stance of Cancer Specialist Professor Angus Dalgleish, Principal of the Cancer Vaccine Institute. Specialist in cancer immunology and HIV/Aids research.

Dalgleigh - not quite what he seems.
He said:
"The NHS is on its knees and 'could collapse completely' because of immigrants from the EU that we are legally obliged to treat."
Ukip even claimed he was 'speaking for the NHS professionals'.

Sure, we'd listen to him for his views on Cancer. But on the NHS, not so much.

While an estimated 52,000 came here for treatment, about 63,000 Brits went abroad. To say nothing, of course, of the 11% of NHS staff and 26% of doctors who are non-British.

What Ukip didn't tell you: He's a member of Ukip.

What Ukip didn't tell you: He stood as a Candidate for Ukip in the last General Election in the London borough of Sutton and Cheam.