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14 July 2015

The Importance Of A Strong Voice In The EU – Part II

What has happened in Greece is massively complex and and it has divided many folk in opinion, and we felt as though we should make our position clear.

Some time ago we published this which outlined how we felt about the case for a strong voice in the EU. We still take the same approach that to change something you need to play a part and get involved. The unity of the EU is something which can benefit us all, and being in the EU give us, the everyday working folk, many benefits and can help protect us from corrupt governments.

While some may argue that there is the same corruption in the EU, and factions and organisations that do not serve the interests of the people, and we say to them, ‘Yes, so lets do something about that!’.

You can’t change anything from the outside and if the people of the UK opted to leave the EU it could have a devastating economical impact on UK business and economy. It is believed that staying in the EU is a key advantage for companies looking to access Europe’s single market.

We would also like to point out the importance of this weekend’s Eurogroup negotiations and underline the fact that the UK was not there. This was a prime example of what it would be like should we opt out of the EU. The EU will make decisions that will affect us all, but we will have no say on them whatsoever. This should also be a wake up call to all the people who did not vote in the EU elections.

If you want the EU to work for you, and to be the kind of EU you want, then you need to consider this carefully when you vote. This is an important forum, and it is not the time for a protest vote, and furthermore, why would you put something this serious into the hands of people who don’t even show up?

You also need to show whichever government that is in power in the UK, that you want your opinion heard and your needs considered at EU level.

The UK is a member state that can punch at equal weight to and act as a counterbalance to Germany at EU level.

This is essential to the democracy of the Union – as a nation we need to take up that challenge and not run away from it.
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