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30 April 2014

Elections For European Parliament Will Be Held On 22 May 2014

Voters will choose 73 MEPs in 11 multi-member regional constituencies.

Full details here :

And full list of candidates here :

You need to be on the electoral register to vote! But don't worry if you're not! It is quick and easy ... You have until May 6th to register. Download a simple form and post it back.


Why should I bother voting in the Euros?

If you want to ensure that UKIP do not get a stronger foothold in mainstream political life, it is important to use your vote. The Euro elections do not work on a first past the post system – but on a single transferable vote.

You can rank candidates in order of preference

Votes for second preferences are transferred to that candidate – this keeps happening until a share of votes for all candidates secures a quota that allows them to be elected.


Candidates do not need a majority vote to be elected. They just need a proportionally higher share, as low as 8% for a fascist BNP MEP like Nick Griffin.

Voting means helping to stop UKIP sneaking in! If UKIP get more MEPs it will give them and the hard–right and far-right across Europe a lot more confidence. The National Front are doing very well in France right now.

Scary times.

It will give them more platforms and legitimacy to spout their views and lies. 


The Euro vote does matter! It could make a difference to what happens in 2015 at the general elections.

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