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27 April 2015

Do Not Be Fooled By #UKIP

Do not be fooled by UKIP.

Remember their old manifesto which Farage had to eventually dismiss as ‘drivel’ just because they got caught out? Imagine if no one had ever questioned it!

And all those things PPCs/Councillors actually said, when they claimed they were hacked, or it was a ‘smear’? Imagine if no-one ever exposed them and they had gone on to gain positions of power?

UKIP are the only party not to address the rights of the LGBT community in their manifesto. Why?

You cannot trust UKIP with the NHS. Everything they said about the NHS is recorded and documented.

It is the party that thrives on xenophobia and creates fear and division amongst the people of the United Kingdom.

UKIP would cut billions from Scottish budget to fund English tax cuts.

They’re the party of anti-environmentalism and disregard for scientific evidence. They want to BAN the education of climate change in schools.

They are not the party for the working man & woman. They are the party who oppose raising minimum wage and want to allow small businesses to discriminate against sections of society at will.

UKIP want to get rid of equality laws in the UK, and they oppose multiculturalism. Farage called multiculturalism ‘the biggest mistake governments have made’. They believe in the right to discriminate and claim laws barring discrimination on grounds of nationality or race are not required.

If you oppose UKIP, you can expect far right thugs to target you online, and on the streets. Ukip activists will target you at work, at home, and call you ‘cultural marxists’ (whatever that is) or ‘leftards’.

They are the party who believe in massive tax cuts for the rich and very rich.

Farage claimed laws brought in after 16 ­children and a teacher were gunned down in Dunblane in 1996 were “ludicrous” and “crackers”.

Ukip claim they want to leave the EU but happy for their MEPs to claim a salary every year on the gravy train they claim to oppose.

And please do not be fooled by Farage’s beer and cigs and claims he is a ‘man of the people’. He is extremely rich, and always was.

UKIP are funded and supported by big business and the Tea Party in the US, and backed and supported by extreme far right organisations in the UK, who will use UKIP as a truck for their movements.

UKIP attract all sorts of extreme organisations, like the EDL and the National Front, and White Supremacists in the UK, and the US. Why?

Remember, Farage is a former City Trader, a feather-nested MEP and a product of a very expensive and privileged education. He is as much part of the establishment as Boris Johnson or David Cameron, who fear his populist pronouncements.

Their whole manifesto is costed on leaving the EU, and reducing foreign aid. Many leading economists believe leaving the EU would be catastrophic to the UK, and even if we had a referendum recent polls show most people of the UK would wish to remain in the EU, so where will all the money come from for this manifesto they have produced? How much foreign aid will they need to cut?

Do not be fooled by UKIP.
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