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30 September 2015

Daniel Pitt – The Man They Think Is Us

The Team that comprises Exposing Ukip on Facebook and SLATUKIP on Twitter are many. We even made a video to explain who we were. What we didn't do, understandably, is identify our individual team members.

The EDL - not all violent. Not one bit.
There is of course a very good reason for that.

As well as fighting UKIP, we have been a thorn in the side of many of the other Far Right Groups, from 'Mild Racists' to out-and-out Neo Nazis. In the eyes of the British National Party, English Defence League, Britain First, English Democrats, New British Union, National Action, StormFront, Pegida UK and their ilk - we represent the enemy.

Britain First, trying hard
not to look threatening.
And the Far Right, of course, have a long documented history of violent tactics. They are not above targeting children and families of activists who fight their Fascism and Hate.

We get regular, quite detailed, imaginative and very descriptive death threats (perhaps not quite as many as Justin Bieber or Piers Morgan) - and these are from people who have a record of, on occasion, actually carrying our their fantasies.
- This writer had a personal visit not so long ago from three local BNP members, although when they realised they were up against a 6 foot rugby-player in full biker gear ... they rather quickly changed their minds.
Fascist mass murderer
Anders Breivik, convicted
of the murder of 76
people because they
held Socialist Principles.
But it's a serious issue. Somewhere out there in the UK is the next Anders Breivik. Odds are, he votes UKIP.

The fact is that we are a group of various ages, from varied backgrounds, and supporters of many different parties. Very few of us have beards and we're not actually all 'Lefty'. But we have to retain our anonymity for said reasons.

So when an individual is 'named' as being one of us, it's a concern.

When that individual is not actually one of us, but simply a Twitter and Facebook follower who happens to share our views, that's a worry.

And when a person receives threats because of being named falsely as one of us, that becomes a Police Matter.

We thought it might be an idea to clear the air - so step forward, Daniel Pitt. He is the person that some Social Media Accounts have falsely identified as being one of us, or even the entire Exposing UKIP team himself.

Daniel has been a follower of our Facebook Page, Twitter account and Blog for quite a while. He has had his photo lifted from his Facebook account, his location and personal details posted and as such has been the target of multiple threats from Far Right Groups.

Obviously in this matter we've been communicating with Daniel to help to track the threats and the people behind them, but he's never really spoken publicly about the position he's been put in. Until now.

How are you finding the attention? Does it worry you?
"The rumours have been universally discredited now so it's thankfully died down a lot, but at the very beginning I received a lot of harassment, and so did my family. My mother's name has been dragged into this which is frightening as she has learning difficulties and isn't at all interested in politics."

Why do they think you are us? What have they been doing to you?
"The rumour originally came from a BNP supporter but was propagated by UKIP (and alleged supporter EDL) member Thomas Evans and from Joshua Bonehill-Paine. I've been threatened, subject to vicious cyber-bullying and malicious rumours have been spread all over social media about me. They're desperate to censor legitimate critics and they're not above intimidating people into silence."

- (Thomas Evans is an online hoaxer, UKIP member, a prolific tweeter, blogger, a regular caller to Radio Stations, especially LBC, and avid commenter on newspaper articles. And allegedly, a former supporter of EDL.)

- Update : Thomas Evans is on the point of being ejected from Ukip for his extremist
views and online malicious communications.

- (Joshua Bonehill-Paine is an Extremist Nationalist who was ejected from both the Conservative Party and UKIP. His AntiIslamic and AntiSemitic Hate Speech and his numerous 'Daily Bale' hoaxes have resulted in his current residence being Wandsworth Prison, awaiting trial.)

- Update: Joshua Bonehill-Paine was sentenced in December 2015 to 3 1/2 years in jail.

What are your views on UKIP? How did you first hear about SLATUKIP?

"I personally believe that UKIP marries the most regressive Thatcherite ideals with the small-minded 'Little England' mob including groups like Britain First and the EDL. Their economic policies would further impoverish working class communities, and they get away with it by resorting to cultural scapegoats as is standard for today's discerning ultra-conservative ideologue."
"There isn't a great deal to say about how I found out about SLATUKIP other than I discovered it by accident, after a friend shared one of their posts. I've supported SLAT ever since."

Actually the 'Daniel Pitt' myth was first started by a now defunct Twitter account called @UKIPtaz run by Justin Bellhouse of the Goose Inn in Bracknell, Berkshire, who as far as we can tell, picked Daniel Pitts' identity pretty much at random. He used to tweet regularly with UKIP Councillor and Disability Spokesperson @StarAnderton.

Not content with inventing the connection, Bellhouse then encouraged his followers to spread the word.

It was then picked up by Evans and Bonehill, two people who are notorious for propagating hoaxes.

Sadly the posts naming Daniel as us, or as one of us, continue, including of course from ThomasEvansUKIP, StevePowellUKIP and even a number of UKIP YI @YIOfficial accounts.

We at Exposing UKIP / SLATUKIP have expressed to Daniel Pitt our concern for him having been dragged into our battle. And we feel that we at least owe him every assistance in order to challenge these lies.

So we would like to state our position quite clearly here:
Anyone contributing to the threats against Daniel Pitt, or reinforcing the myth by naming him on Social Media, will be added to the list currently held by Police. Should Daniel Pitt be subject to any violent action, the Police will consider this list and decide whether charges of Harassment or Malicious Communications should be brought.
And this is not a matter to take lightly.

We mentioned previously the case of Joshua Bonehill-Paine, a well known Far Right Extremist and serial Hoaxer. His online activities have now been curtailed due to the fact that he's not allowed online from within Wandsworth Prison. He is one of many in the UK who have in the past, or are currently, serving prison sentences for Online Harassment or Malicious Communications.

So if you are a UKIP blogger or tweeter; reconsider. With a Malicious Communications charge you stand to gain a criminal record, and risk perhaps your job, and maybe even your liberty.

Come at us, attack us, challenge us, as we will do you.

But we hope at least that UKIP accounts will for once, display some integrity and honour, and not bring an unconnected person into our battle.

Ultimately, who we are is rather unimportant. More relevant is what we represent - the great majority of British people who detest and reject Right Wing Hate Speech and Fascist Lies.

The Far Right speak often of Free Speech. Seems that they think that right only applies to them.
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