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3 October 2015

To #Ukip Eurosceptics – A Message, A Question

Always we have always fought UKIP on their Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, Islamophobia, etc, etc.

A trickier subject to fight on is the central Ukip aim of Brexit. In fact, the Exposing UKIP team actually have some Eurosceptics within it.

Yes, it’s true. There *is* actually a Ukip policy which a few of us agree with. Shocking.

However what’s clear is the Ukip central debating point of Immigration. The economics of Brexit are neatly side-stepped as Ukip continue to make Immigration the key point of the debate.

Why ? Because they know that so many are concerned about the issue - and they can and will take full advantage of that. Whereas the economic arguments are trickier to handle for Ukip.
For the economic debate on whether we’ll be better off Out or In, that’s for another day, and is not the point of this post.

Brexit Referendum is why you joined.
No need to stay in Ukip now.

For many Eurosceptics, Brexit is why they joined Ukip. Getting that Referendum was always the goal.

You had to hold your nose to those other policies – and people – that you didn’t agree with. You had to pretend that almost weekly ejections of Ukip Officials, Members and Candidates for various forms of Hate Speech weren’t happening.

Because it was all about Brexit.

Perhaps that’s understandable. We sometimes have to choose strange bedfellows.

Well, the EU referendum will be a reality soon. So … the job is done.

So is there any need for you to support Ukip at all now?

In fact, isn’t Brexit more likely if you target your support towards a more cross-party Eurosceptic group?

Arron Banks.
Runs and owns Leave.EU.
Runs and owns Ukip.
The Electoral Commission will choose which Group will lead the No Campaign, and there are many rivals. The requirement is for this Nominated Group to have cross-party support. Arron Banks’ Leave.EU does not have that – and never will.

No-one – no-one – wants to work with Farage or Banks. Leave.EU will put Ukip – and the divisive Nigel Farage – front and centre, and alienate non-Ukip Eurosceptics with it’s Immigration rhetoric.

The type of UKIP rhetoric that
will piss off the undecideds

That Brexit you’ve been dreaming of? Chance blown. Farage will turn Brexit into a purely Ukip operation. And you will lose.

The most likely Eurosceptic group to actually win the Electoral Commission approval (as of October 2015, although Grassroots Out could now be the favourite, as of February 2016) is probably the cross-party Business For Britain – the group supported by Douglas Carswell, and the group that Farage has spent the last week taking cheap shots at.

Yes, Farage is so dedicated to Brexit that he’s spent more time this week attacking his fellow Eurosceptics who might steal his glory than actually addressing the issues. And he’s keeping the vitriol going.

Rather amusingly Farage said that “Brexit would not be won from SW1”.

Issued in a Press statement by Leave.EU, from their London office. In, er, SW1.

So if you’re a Ukip Eurosceptic, perhaps your support should be going to ‘Britain For Business’, simply because it gives you the best chance. A splintered, bickering, Farage-dominated campaign based purely on Immigration with Leave.EU will keep Britain in the EU.

For you, it’s reached a nexus. You have to decide whether you are Eurosceptic or UKIP.

Because right now, it’s one or the other.

You have to ask yourself …

“Do I really need to support Ukip any more?”

“Or should I regain some humanity and credibility instead?”

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