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25 October 2015

An Open Letter to Jayda Fransen Of Britain First

Dear Jayda,

Tonight we read this after someone posted in our group. We talked about how it offered a ‘sympathetic ear’ to these concerns about Jayda Fransen and so we thought we’d offer our tuppence’s worth.

You see, we’re not a hateful bunch, we’re all really nice normal folk. We go about our lives, and do our things, like you do yours. We get up, go to work, spend time with our kids, pursue our hobbies and interests and talk about stuff with our friends online and offline, just like you.

But we’re not all like you, just as you’re not like all of us, and the people you hang about with are not all like us either. But that doesn’t mean we don’t understand you, and it would possibly explain why you don’t understand us as well. That’s fine, but many of us watch what you do and think, well, you *must* know what you are doing, and you know all about the group you stand for, and you know what they do surely? I mean, that’s OK if you want to do that, after all, Freedom of Speech and all that, but I just wonder don’t you ever consider the divisiveness of the movement that you spearhead in the way you do? Do you ever consider the implications of this violent and extreme far right movement that you stand beside with honour and courage?

I don’t know, I would just hope that you do. All I know is that I can not see what good a bunch of angry and drunk men and women going into mosques and frightening folk can ever achieve, but more hate? Can you? All this stuff you’re doing is just spreading more hate and propaganda whilst lots of folk are profiteering from it all and stuffing cash away into bank accounts to buy silly uniforms and keep the business running well?

Let me just say this you, Jayda. I’d hate to think anything like this was true, because abuse is fucking awful, end of. The world’s full of it. Sick sick shit, everywhere, but how does all this stuff you and those angry men (women) marching streets making threats to the Muslim community help? How does invading mosques help? How does building a business on hate help? There’s so much more we could do and so many other ways we can change things.

Please consider the many other options, and try to consider how refreshing it is to be free of hate, and fear, and full of acceptance and compassion, tolerance and understanding.

Peace and Love,

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