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27 October 2015

To Be A UKIP Twit On Twitter

To be a UKIP twit on Twitter
It helps if you're angry
Intolerant, mad or bitter,
You might be a spark,
Or a plumber or a gas fitter,
Who's jerb they took
Or maybe you think you're a big hitter
Or you just hate books like the Koran
And Muslims because they sit quietly and read it.

You might think the EU are Nazis
Or the Ayran race is supreme,
Perhaps you just hate the poor
Or perhaps you just like being mean?
To be a UKIP Twit on Twitter
Takes a certain kind of hate,
Maybe you just like to witter bullshit
Because you're just so so straight
And you don't like gay folk being gay
Yet read the Bible and choose to misread it.

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