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5 March 2016

Frackers, Fascists, Spankers And Cronies - Welcome to UKIP Wales

From the Green Dragon Team in Wales, a summary of the "calibre" of Candidates that #Ukip have put forward for the upcoming Welsh Assembly Election.

Oh, dear, Nigel. So... this is your 'elite' team?

Green Dragon are "a collection of individuals not associated with any one political party in Wales. Our values are green and our politics are red." This post is based on their original, full article which is here.

We thought it timely to repost our recent look at this seedy and very suspect rabble.

It's also timely because on Monday (7/3) the kippers will be revealing who among their seedy ranks will be topping their regional lists for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections.

And we're reliably informed by a source close to the kippers that if a certain 'Herr Hamilton' is among the said list 'toppers', or Farage flunkies Mark Reckless and Alexandra Phillips, then a major split in Ukip in Wales is on the cards - possibly entailing a breakaway faction who'll actually oppose Ukip at the Welsh polls in May. Watch this space as they say.

An emotive title to this post, but one which can be said to be a fair assessment of some of the prime movers and shakers that constitutes UKIP in Wales. Of course as we write Ukip Wales are engulfed in an internal row which threatens to derail their campaign for the Welsh Assembly election in May.

David Rowlands
First off - Chairperson of Ukip Wales David Rowlands. A veteran kipper since the party's early days, Rowlands hit the headlines in 2013 for all the wrong reasons when he became embroiled in what the media dubbed "an extraordinary race row".

Not content with propagating anti-immigrant scare stories, Rowlands sought to pour more petrol on the flames of this sensitive topic by seeking to highlight the numbers of what he called "coloured" immigrants coming to the UK.

Nathan Gill
Of course the other senior UKIP figure in Wales is Nathan Gill. A particular bone of contention with the kippers is the free movement of people between EU member states. Strange then that in 2014 it was revealed that a company he helped manage employed dozens of people from new EU member states like Poland - and from countries outside the EU like the Phillipines

Clearly to call the Anglesey based Gill a prize hypocrite would be putting things mildly.

[NB - Gill also housed these migrant workers, 23 to a property - and charged them quite a lot for the privilege - SLATUKIP]

The next Welsh kipper to grab our attention is the recently installed 'Spin Doctor' Alexandra Phillips, though to describe her as a 'Welsh kipper' is stretching things a bit. Phillips is ordinarily employed in London as Nigel Farage's £60k a year Press Officer and she's been parachuted into Wales to head up the party's media campaign as the party seeks to try and avoid its usual public gaffes and public relations disasters. Though given her own track record of embarassing public comments, whether Phillips is the best person to do this is a moot point.

Recently the Anti Fascist blog 'Hope Hot Hate' revealed that she routinely mocks the disabled and people with autism, made light of the sufferings of Anne Frank and has described the notorious fascist Jean Marie le Pen as a "charming Frenchman".

Alex Phillips
(Parachuted Crony)
The 'Gloucester Girl' telling told her local Gloucester Citizen paper last November : "I'm thinking about it [running for Welsh Assembly], certainly. There's a whole process to go through, but I'm not ruling it out and I think my TV experience would be useful. If I did stand I think I'd like to stand in Cardiff."

Such blatant opportunism has understandably not gone down well with Ukip members in Wales who are increasingly dismayed at what they see as efforts by Nigel Farage to secure seats on the Welsh Assembly for party cronies like Phillips.

Mark Reckless
(Parachuted Crony)
And speaking of Farage parachuting his cronies into Wales brings us to a certain Mark Reckless. Reckless of course is the former Tory MP for Rochester who quit the party for UKIP (because this Tory party wasn't quite right wing enough for him).

And - in another sign of Farage's apparent contempt for the party in Wales - last year he appointed the Kent based Reckless as Director of Policy Development for UKIP Wales.

Reckless has since made no secret of his desire to top one of Ukip's lists for the elections to the Welsh Assembly in May.

Lower down on the UKIP Wales food chain we come to one of the apparent 'wunderkinds' of British Nationalism - Llyr Powell, Ukip's Neath Candidate in the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections.

Llyr Powell
(Tory Boy)
And while it's not Llyr's fault he bears a more than passing resemblance to the repulsive right wing Harry Enfield character 'Tory Boy', Llyr Powell is most certainly responsible for the fact he seems to share some of the odious character's right wing views.

Powell is also an active climate change denier, indeed only last week he was tweeting attacks mocking Welsh government efforts to curb climate change.

Alex Balkan
(Neo Nazi)
A fellow rising star of the British Hard Right - and with Powell a prominent member of the kippers 'Young Independence' movement - is one Alexander Balkan (the two can be seen here posing together at a Young Independence bash).

Hope Not Hate revealed that Balkan is connected to a Facebook Group composed of former National Front activists, and other assorted British Neo Nazis.

And last but certainly not least among this kippers 'Rogues Gallery' we come to the Manager of Ukip in South West wales - Chris 'Spanker' Smart. The former veteran Tory and hardline Thatcherite earning the decidely unflattering sobriquet as a result of his appearance in court a few years ago, and described by newspapers at the time:

Spanker Smart
“He was bound over to keep the peace after a series of bizarre incidents where he was said to have posed as a school inspector."

"Port Talbot magistrates were told Mr Smart stopped children in streets at Margam, Aberavon and Sandfields and asked them why they were not in school."

"In each instance the children had full authority to be out of school."

"On one occasion Mr Smart was alleged to have made children bend and touch their toes and threatened to spank them with a cricket bat."

"Mr Smart was bound over in the sum of £100 to keep the peace for two years.”

– Western Mail March 2007.

[Woah. How creepy is that - SLATUKIP]

Any readers thinking of putting an X next to UKIP on the ballot paper in May should ask themselves do they really want someone like this holding public office?

Neil Hamilton
Course the same pertinent question can be posed for all those we've mentioned in this look at Ukip Wales - Rowlands, Gill, Phillips, Reckless and Powell.

And that's not to mention the disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton, another Farage crony strongly rumoured to be among those about to be parachuted into Wales.


UKIP's NEC in London has refused to sign off candidates selected by members in Wales - further clear evidence that Farage intends to stuff Ukip's most winnable seats in the Welsh Assembly elections with his cronies.

This weeks extraordinary events suggests a full scale civil war is set to break out among their ranks in Wales.


Strewth, its getting hard to keep up with all the rows and resignations taking place among the kippers in Wales. Today comes news that John Atkinson - the manager of their 2014 and 2015 election campaigns in Wales - has joined Caerphilly councillor Kevin Mahoney in quitting the party.

Our huge thanks to Green Dragon Team for the post.
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