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3 March 2016

No, Ukip, The EU Does Not Plan To Tax Vaping at 57%, And Never Did.

This Mod has recently switched, as have many, to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. So I was naturally SHOCKED to read in the Daily Mail that the EU had plans to hugely increased the taxes on vape products, with an excise duty of 57%, on top of the 20% VAT already paid.

Then we remembered that it was a story in the Daily Mail, and safely ignored it. And we were correct to do so.

Actually the story started in The Times. Phone Hacker Murdoch has clearly planted his flag in the Brexit Camp.

But now, thanks to digging by we now know the background behind the lie. Their research is here.

The mythbusting is summarised in this quotation:
"InFacts contacted the European Commission, which said the Times article was “incorrect” and there were “absolutely no plans at this stage to introduce excise duty for e-cigarettes. Nor has there been any suggestion that e-cigarettes would be taxed at the same level as cigarettes.”

"Neither is the Commission the driving force behind this review. As the Times pointed out, it was initiated by members of Coreper – ambassadors from each of the 28 member states. And should a change in tax be proposed, it would require the unanimous support of all EU governments."
Of course, with the story proven as false (and The Daily Mail quickly changing the wording of their original story, as if people wouldn't notice) one would think that Ukip and Nigel Farage would know this.

No. Instead, they choose to promote yet another EU Myth.
Appalled that EU set to tax e-cigarettes at same levels as tobacco. All vapers must vote to Leave EU!

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) March 2, 2016
Farage is fuming !!
(Image from
In addition, Ukip themselves 'protested' against the tax on their official web page. A tax that doesn't exist.

One wonders whether Farage's outrage is connected at all to Ukip receiving a sizeable donation from UK's largest Vape manufacturer (A donation the company later said they 'regretted')

Or is it connected to his lobbying for the Vaping Industry?

We couldn't possibly comment.

If it's good enough for Leonardo, it's good enough for us.

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