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21 March 2016

The Wild West: Another Tale From The Rotten State of #Ukip

Another post based on information from one of our many 'people inside Ukip' - this time, our mole deep within Ukip South West.

Last month we wrote about the rotten state of UKIP in the South West, and since our expose the party have strived to make changes… the only problem is the changes were to PROMOTE the ring leader of the anti-Semitic cover up.

Stuart Guppy, of UKIP St Ives fame, has not only been approved as ‘County Vice-Chairman’, and he has also been made a local co-ordinator for Grassroots Out - and reconfirmed as a Branch Chairman! So much for #Ukip weeding out the extremists.

Mike Hemmings
Guppy’s boss, UKIP Cornwall Chairman David Lucas, previously called the Cornish people “unwashed”, so he will be in good company. Sources tell us that Diane Belk, constituency manager for UKIP MEP Julia Reid, approved the move.

But this wasn’t Belk’s only recent appointment, she has also made Mike Hemmings a South West Grassroots Out coordinator. Hemmings, a former used car salesman, is a little known kipper who is making a name for himself in the party ranks.

But onto our main point...

Hemmings discovered an 11 year old child who had "written an email" to Nigel Farage (well, so her loyally Ukip father claimed). He describes her as "switched on to the needs of this country".

Remember, she's 11.

He describes her as an "articulate and capable young lady" "a better voice than older people" and a "great marketing opportunity".

Just remember, this kid is 11.

He suggested she should be brought to hustings, and be given an opportunity to read her letter out to the audience.

Yeah, this is a child of 11 years old that Ukip's Hemmings wanted to use for political gain.

And it's in doubt that she ever even wrote the email at all, although we never get to see the actual email so we don't know it's contents. If she did, it's pretty likely to be under the heavy influence of her father, a solid Ukip member. Indoctrination at a young age is very Ukip.

Hemmings is the type of person that UKIP / Grassroots Out find acceptable to promote the BREXIT campaign.

I anybody surprised at this? We aren't.

Hemmings email in which he discusses the 11 year old as a 'marketing opportunity'.
Hemmings also specialises in rather disgusting views on Muslims, yet despite this, has been given the official 'nod of approval' and promoted. That's *very* UKip.

This Muslim-hate piece, crammed with false science about "genetic mutations and inbreeding", was shared by Hemmings.

Who seems to be unaware that "genetic mutations and inbreeding" has almost been standard procedure within European Monarchy since the 11th Century...

Here, Hemmings shares a post from the extremist 'White Genocide Project'

Hemmings shared this post, from self-confessed Muslim Hater George Garbow of 'Counter Jihad': "I am an Islamophobe, I'm proud to be an Islamophobe and you should be proud to."

And finally he shares this - straight from the Britain First page.

All of which tells you very clearly, what kind of pages Hemmings is checking to get his dose of Hate every day.
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