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29 January 2016

Eurosceptics Won't Win The EU Referendum By Punching Themselves In The Face

From the Telegraph:
"The bickering Leave campaigns don't do their cause any good as the case for Brexit gets lost in the battle of egos"
As we've said for .... THE LAST YEAR.

Excellent piece this, going into full detail of just some of the past and current infighting within the Brexit Camps that we've covered in the last year or so. Oh, it's brutal - and getting nastier by the day. Farage v Carswell, Banks v Cummings, Ukip vs ... Everybody Else. It's not pretty, or grown up.

And the ultimate quote from an undecided Tory:
"I'm going to wait until the egos have calmed down."
Who has the key for this lock? Not Nigel.
Reminding you all that we here are undecided on Brexit. But one thing we're clear on: Having Farage and Ukip in the mix is a guarantee losing strategy.

Nigel got the Referendum. But he'll never win it by leading.

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