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27 January 2016

UKIP’s Flirtation With Racism Turns Into A Long Term Relationship

UKIP’s collapse in the 2015 general election means the spotlight of scrutiny has shifted back to Brussels, their bolt-hole of taxpayer funded last resort. From Nigel Farage’s smoke filled office in the Belgian capital, UKIP have cobbled together an uneasy alliance of extreme European parties to assure lucrative group EU funding, worth around £5.6 million, remains available to them.

With donors leaving the party in droves and so much readily available cash it comes as no surprise that UKIP are willing to do deals with some of the most extreme political movements in the EU.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that one of UKIP’s ever dwindling ethnic minority members has been embroiled in a bullying scandal. Glaswegian, Sarinder Joshua Duroch, the author of “Enoch, I am a British Indian”, and now an adviser to UKIP MEPs, claims he was called an “untermensch” in a Brussels bar by an assistant for the extreme-right Sweden Democrats, Carl Joel Ankar. The German word means “subhuman as was used by the Nazis to refer to those who were deemed so racially inferior they deserved extermination.

Ankar has a documented track record of racism and xenophobia stretching back several years, and the legal advisor has already been investigated by the European Parliament for breach of rules. He once called his University professor a “Jewish swine”, and also called for “Muslim invaders to be driven back to the desert, with weapons if necessary”.

UKIP’s links with far right associates in the EU parliament are not just political but they are also social, flagrantly associating with Ankar and others publicly. Liam Porter, the Chief of Staff to UKIP MEP James Carver and UKIP press officer, Alistair Earl Harrison are known associates of Ankar and hold the Swedish neo-nazi in such high regard that Harrison, who originates from Devon, gave him pride of place as his facebook account banner photo.

Further links to between UKIP and the extreme right have also emerged in the UK, with former candidate and Sharia Watch Chairwoman, Anne Marie Waters, joining the “management board” of PEGIDA UK, the British based wing of the German anti-immigrant and Islamophobic populist movement. Walters previously appeared on the cover of UKIP’s frothing “Beyond multiculturalism” propaganda booklet, where she put forward her case in defense of “liberal” values.

UKIP have spent a lot of time and (your) money to deceive the public that they are not a racist party, but facts are facts and UKIP’s engagement and support of racism is now so blatant and so well documented that it is proven beyond question.
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