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30 January 2016

Staff Wars In Strasbourg As UKIP’s European Operation Unravels

Not content with his appearance in our previous article, MEP James Carver’s Brussels Chief-of-staff, Liam Porter, is featured again following a fresh revelation regarding staff bullying among UKIP staff. The Rochdale born adviser allegedly engaged in a “hatchet job” against a fellow member of the party’s backroom team, by spreading a malicious and untrue rumour suggesting his colleague had “endorsed the Bataclan massacre” in a Facebook post.

When challenged by UKIP officials to produce evidence to confirm the post, Porter crumbled under pressure and blamed his partner, Laura Henderson; maintaining that infact she had flagged up the social media entry and reported it to him in an effort to “protect the party”.

Liam Porter and his partner, Laura Henderson
According to our sources, Henderson, who works for UKIP’s taxpayer funded pan-European foundation, was reprimanded by her boss, the IDDE Director, Laurie Ferrari, and a letter of apology was quickly issued to the UKIP staffer who was the target of the malicious attack, clearing him of any wrongdoing.

No official action was taken against Mr Porter by his MEP or by UKIP.

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