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29 January 2016

Our New Site, And a Restating Of Our Resistance to the Far Right

"So-Called Refugees"
Daily Mail, 1900
Yes, here we finally are, with our brand new site, devoted to taking apart all things Right Wing, Far-Right, and wherever Ukip think they are right now.

We will also be occasionally covering stories from the USA, and from Europe, both in the EU itself, and the rise of Far Right groups across the Continent.

We welcome your input and feedback - submissions, links to stories we might have not spotted, opinions and comment.

"Jews 'Pouring In'"
Daily Mail, 1933
These are strange times, are they not? A world-wide Financial Crash, high numbers of desperate refugees coming North and West to Europe, and an entire Faith vilified and blamed for all our ills and woes, blamed by the very people, often, who are really to blame.

It seems to be 1933 all over again.

Then it was the Wall Street Crash, and European Jews fleeing persecution.

But we hear the same hate, the same rhetoric, almost word for word. The rise in not just Far-Right groups in Europe, but Far-Right Parties actually in power, is a challenge to us all.

Many of us, and our forebears, fought against Nazism and Fascism at home and abroad. The best way to honour their fight is to continue the struggle in their name.

And we shall do so.


Not a real Daily Express headline .. but awfully close.
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