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31 January 2016

The Problem With #Brexit Misinformation

True, we see it on both sides. But the main exponents seem to be the various OUT groups.

The campaigns 'for real' haven't even started yet, and we are waiting patiently for actual factual arguments on both sides before we and the British Public make our decision.

Meanwhile, we see outright lies from all sides.

Here's a good example.

This Telegraph Article, "Brexit vote could turn UK into a 'safe haven' triggering EU disintegration, say Barclays" contained such words as:
"could" (5 times), "may" (twice) and "if".
In the tweet by @BeLeaveBritain this suddenly became;
"is" ...

They also claimed that "Barclays are clear" about the matter, when in fact the article was far from it. The article posits a scenario but never at any point claims that this will be the actual outcome.

And Brexit Groups wonder why their lack of integrity and truthfulness is encouraging people firmly to stay IN ?
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