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29 January 2016

UKIP Former Leader Criticised For Suggesting Reading Bible In Public May Be Illegal

From an article in Christian Today.
"A UKIP peer has been heavily criticised for asking if it will be illegal to read the Bible out loud in public."

"Lord Pearson of Rannoch, former leader of the UK Independence Party, submitted a question in the House of Lords asking if Christians are at risk of committing a hate-crime against Muslims by "preaching the divinity of Christ or by reading aloud sections of the Bible in public"."

"The peer praised Cameron as "brave" for saying Jesus was the only son of God, because "this will not have gone down all that well with the Islamists."
Well, he's not an idiot - but he is a fool.

One aspect of British life we all fight to protect is Freedom to choose our own Faith. Why did he ask the question when he clearly knows the answer will be "No, never"?

Lord Pearson, former Ukip Leader
Just as he is concerned (in a faux manner, perhaps) with freedom to be a Christian, in public, we would suggest he should be more concerned with the suggestion that following another Faith entirely is the one freedom possibly at risk in Britain.

The anti Islam rhetoric espoused by some aspects of the media - as well as 100s, perhaps many more, Social Media accounts by Ukip supporters - suggest that Christian practices are protected, but Muslim customs are increasingly under threat.

Perhaps if Lord Pearson is so concerned about Freedom of Worship he might ought to consider that.

Pearson (who's former Party, Ukip wants Muslims to 'integrate more') might also consider the damage comments such as his do to this 'integration'. Indeed, no less a person than the Bishop of Worcester stated that:
"Comments phrased in this manner were "not conducive to building positive relations between faith communities, in particular with Muslim communities, as we are endeavouring to do in the Church at a time when Muslims are feeling unfairly stigmatised."
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