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3 February 2016

Ukip, After That Broadcast on Turkey, Not Even Trying To Hide The Hate?

Tonight's Ukip Broadcast (on the possibility of Turkey becoming an EU Member state) wasn't even subtle.

In case you missed it (lucky you) and feel like putting yourself through the pain, here it is.

Oh, and well done Ukip - for 2 reasons.
  1. You conflated the 'EU' and 'Europe', just 45 seconds in - precisely what you have accused your opponents of doing.
  2. All that work you've done to shed yourselves of the Racist image? Undone in a mere 3m 40s.
There's a lot of issues with Turkey joining - not least those Human Rights violations and Journalistic Oppression. So we're not saying that they should be allowed entry - just that the decision cannot and should not be decided on many of the factors raised in this video, full of 'could be's 'maybe's 'might be's and 'technically's.

Didn't Ukip used to to actually try to hide their hatred of other races and nationalities?

Have we reached a point now where these kind of statements are now so socially acceptable that there is no longer any requirement to gloss over them?


Arnold Armsteen said...

Two things:

1. The accepted name of the party is UKIP not Ukip. BBC is written as BBC not as Bbc. Same applies to UKIP. So you have already identified yourself as a bit of an uneducated twat.

2. Where exactly is the racism in that video? The racism that you claim in the bit "... shed yourselves of the Racist image..."

The only exposed is the fuckwitterty of a lefty blogger who can't stand the truth being said but instead throws in words like 'hated' and 'racism' in the vain hope it gives some credence to their rather pathetic blog posting.

Audacity said...

Well, if you're going to be a pedant...

The word is 'fuckwitery'. Ok, the word isn't in any proper dictionary( yet) but that is generally how it is spelled.

There should be a word between the words 'only' and 'exposed'. If you weren't so busy being a knuckle dragging pedant, then you might have remembered to put it in.

I hope this helps.

Team Slat said...

Thank you, Audacity, for replying pretty much in the manner we would have chosen. :-)

Arnold Armsteen : Are we 'Lefty Bloggers' ? Well, there's many of us in the team, and surprisingly few of us are connected in any way, or voted for, Labour. If you find this confusing you can hammer the "Who We Are" link with your knuckles, should work for you.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this video is rather accurate in portraying the risks of Turkeys membership of the Union and at no point displays any form of xenophobic nature such as like you have implied. May I also say, that by spending hours vilifying individual members of the party, you are forgetting the countless wonderful, kind people within the party that, because of your organisations petty criticisms and uneducated theory's, are having stones thrown at them. If your intent was to provide any form of public service, allow me to inform you that you have failed miserably and have wasted not only my time, but yours too. Yours, M Walker. Age 15.

Team Slat said...

1. Well in the end, Ofcom decided the video was 'within the rules' - rules which do not cover xenophobia, sadly, but only factual innaccuracies. Ofcom agreed that the video was Offensive.

2. The "countless wonderful, kind people within the party" allow the proven, documented, copious Racism, Islamophobia and Homophobia to continue unchallenged.

3. "Uneducated theory's," It's 'theories' and we have 30+ years of fighting this kind of hate, long before you were even a glint in your postmans' eye.

4. Busted, kid. Come at us with a better argument than that next time, but become an adult first, hmm? Too easy.