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3 February 2016

So Who Tried To Shut Us Down ? You Failed

A day ago this new blog was shut down by Blogger.

Reason? Mass, anonymous reporting of abuse of Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately the way Blogger works, you're guilty until proven innocent, so our site was suspended.

A quick appeal, and we're back up. How? Blogger manually inspected our site, confirmed that there wasn't one single rule we'd broken, and reinstated us with immediate effect.

More importantly, Blogger confirmed in a separate email that we were anonymously mass reported. This has happened before, of course, not just to us but to other political blogs particularly in the USA. Who? Well, let's say we have our suspicions.

The good news is this: We've been approved now. This means that if it should happen again, our site will be inspected for breaches before it is brought down.

Did you think you could kill us off so easy, Ukip? Or whoever? No chance.

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