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24 February 2016

Statement On Our Brexit Position - Updated

Readers may recall our previous statement on Brexit (in short, we are undecided but will fight Lies and Misinformation). We have also stated on Twitter many times that we, as a group, are split on this matter.

A poll within our group to clarify whether the Brexit support within SLAT has changed at all, has now been completed, and the results are as follows (values rounded):

80%will Vote To REMAIN
13%will Vote To LEAVE

Not all SLAT Members voted, but enough to make this a valid result.

Therefore we will continue our current Social Media Policy on the Brexit Matter. To clarify:
  1. The EU is a separate issue from our fight against Ukip. We fully acknowledge that Anti UKIP does not automatically mean Pro EU.
  2. Within SLATUKIP, WDU and various Anti UKIP Groups there are people in both Pro and Anti EU Camps. We acknowledge this and respect it.
  3. Whether anyone Anti Ukip states any opinions either way on the EU does not detract from their position on Ukip and will not be taken that way.
  4. We will freely challenge lies and misinformation. People must decide their EU stance - and their vote - on Fact, not Rhetoric.
  5. We ask that any EU discussion in Anti Ukip Forums/Groups will be polite and fact-based. Aside from our views on the EU, we are all united in our fight against Ukip and we will not allow a separate issue to detract from that.
  6. The Groups, REMAIN or LEAVE, who are vying for the official Electoral Commission selection as Nominated Group are many and varied. We will refrain from actively promoting or denigrating any particular Group, REMAIN or LEAVE.
We welcome your comments.
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