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2 February 2016

Ukip Farage and Gill To Make Joint Statement on Wales Candidates Tuesday

On Twitter just now:
You'll recall that Nigel Farage wants the Ukip NEC - his NEC - to select some or all of the Candidates, with possibilities to include Mark Reckless (rejected by voters of Rochester in 2015) and the ghastly Neil Hamilton.

In other words, Candidates with no connection to, and little knowledge of, Wales, the Welsh, and Welsh issues.

Nathan Gill - facing a fight for Welsh Candidates.

Ukip MEP Nathan Gill as head of Ukip Wales, is fighting for Welsh Candidates for the Wales Elections. But Gill is facing resignations and entire local branches of Ukip folding unless Ukip Wales members get to choose their own Candidates.

You know, in such a manner in which a properly Democratic Party would allow.

Ukip is already under fire from it's own MEP, Gerard Batten, for the undemocratic manner in which London GLA and Mayoral Candidates were chosen, with actual London Ukip members having no say. At all.

Looks like Wales is heading the same way. Tomorrow, either Gill wins, Farage wins, or they both compromise.

Whichever way, Ukip Wales members lose. That's Democracy, Ukip style.

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