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3 February 2016

Ukip, After That Broadcast on Turkey, Not Even Trying To Hide The Hate?

Tonight's Ukip Broadcast (on the possibility of Turkey becoming an EU Member state) wasn't even subtle.

In case you missed it (lucky you) and feel like putting yourself through the pain, here it is.

Oh, and well done Ukip - for 2 reasons.
  1. You conflated the 'EU' and 'Europe', just 45 seconds in - precisely what you have accused your opponents of doing.
  2. All that work you've done to shed yourselves of the Racist image? Undone in a mere 3m 40s.
There's a lot of issues with Turkey joining - not least those Human Rights violations and Journalistic Oppression. So we're not saying that they should be allowed entry - just that the decision cannot and should not be decided on many of the factors raised in this video, full of 'could be's 'maybe's 'might be's and 'technically's.

Didn't Ukip used to to actually try to hide their hatred of other races and nationalities?

Have we reached a point now where these kind of statements are now so socially acceptable that there is no longer any requirement to gloss over them?

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