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4 February 2016

Ukip Wales Nathan Gill Facing Calls To Quit Over Undemocratic Candidate Selection Procedure

It's knives out in Ukip again. Must be a Thursday.

Ukip Wales are rightly furious that they will not select their own candidates, but will be allowed merely to 'change the order' on the Candidates on the List. The actual list will be decided by the very English Ukip NEC.

Nathan Gill, Ukip Wales boss, has claimed this as a Victory over the Ukip NEC, or at the very least, a 'Compromise'. It's clearly neither, so four Ukip Candidates are calling for his head.

In a UK region facing Elections, where Ukip have performed so poorly in the past, they might have had a chance of some gains, particularly as they were coming from such a low base.

Candidate Joe Smyth stated, correctly;
"Gill is trying to make out now that he's saved the selection process by allowing the Welsh members to vote on the candidates, it's a fallacy."
"Nathan was responsible and agreed to how the selection process was going to be run at the very beginning."

"It's completely and utterly farcical."
"Nathan Gill has been terrible, he has to go."

"There is no leadership in Wales, the organisation in north Wales is in disarray."
More at the BBC.

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