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17 February 2016

Ukip, The One-Issue Party, is Critically Split On It's One Issue, Brexit.

Farage - no Untiy
in Ukip for Brexit
As we have reported before there are two Brexit groups vying for the nod from the Electoral Commission for Nominated Group: Vote Leave and Grassroots Out; and Ukip still don't know which way to tilt.

Surprising, that after 20 years of planning, Ukip cannot agree let alone on a policy or a plan, but even on a group to support.

Carswell - You rebel, you.
Grassroots Out is the group backed by Leave.EU - which is supported by Nigel Farage and funded by Arron Banks. Nigel Farage claims this is the 'Official' Ukip Group - although no vote was taken and the Ukip NEC was not consulted.

And here's the initial problem: rival group Vote Leave is backed by Ukip's only MP, Douglas Carswell, and Ukip's leading female figure, Suzanne Evans.

Well, Nigel, here's your new problem:

Douglas Carswell claims tonight that the core of Ukip - it's councillors - have turned their backs on Grassroots Out and jumped on the Vote Leave ship.

That's what happens, Nigel, when you unilaterally declare your Party's position behind a group while never actually asking anyone what they think.

Of course, Carswell could be lying. We don't know.

Lying, from a Elected Ukip Official? Shocking.
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