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3 February 2016

Arthur “Misty” Thackery - An Inevitable Fall From Grace For Coburn’s “Enforcer”

The dramatic fall of one of UKIP Scotland’s key players and Chairman, Arthur “Misty” Thackeray, has been on the cards for some time as rumours circulating inside and outside the party suggested a scandal was soon to break. With a list of alleged offences against his name, many were expecting Thackeray's tenure to soon be at an end, but perhaps not in the form of a sex scandal.

Arthur 'Misty' Thackeray former Chairman of Ukip Scotland

Along with his domestic issues relating to “sex calls” from a Glasgow pub, we can reveal that Thackeray and his MEP, David Coburn, have been named in an official EU Parliament investigation relating to racism and religious intolerance within UKIP’s political group, the EFDD. Fifty-five year old Thackeray, who draws a generous taxpayer funded salary as Coburn’s Chief of Staff, is being looked into for multiple sectarian slurs allegedly made since he was contracted as an EU employee. In 2014 he was quoted on record as saying Catholicism is a “fascist ideology".

Our sources also report that the former “security consultant” is unable to campaign in certain areas of Glasgow due to a stirring up of religious tensions, and that some UKIP Scotland activists refuse to knock on doors in case they are confronted with fury from residents of all races and religions on account of his statements. Previously Thackeray has been quoted as saying “GCC” stands for “Gays, Catholics, and Communists”. rather than its proper title Glasgow City Council; and stated that he felt campaigning in Glasgow was akin to “contesting a seat in Pakistan” such was the influence of “Islamism” on Labour and the SNP.

It has also been reported that during the Scottish independence referendum, Coburn and Thackeray sought the support of Ulster’s Orange Order and brought many members and affiliates to Scotland to campaign for them. These connections were also utilised in Coburn’s 2014 European election campaign, helping him to secure UKIP’s sole EU parliamentary seat in Scotland.

Thackeray's rise to the top of Scottish UKIP came after a bitter power struggle, in which many long standing members were ousted or pushed aside. After several instances of sectarianism were reported the party attempted to alleviate concerns of members and the public by sending Thackeray to “counselling”. Since his takeover of the Scottish operation, the party has almost ceased to operate, with members dropping out and patrons switching support.

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