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9 February 2016

#Ukip, Freedom of Speech, and Alan Craig.

Freedom of speech is a funny old thing. For Ukip this is a central theme to their politics and rhetoric, the right to say what you are thinking and what everyone else is thinking, and so on. We've heard it called out to us countless times, and even been accused of trying to ban the freedom of speech of others, as if we could stop someone from speaking, online or offline.

Ukip of course have their own version of free speech and what is acceptable and what is not, and go to great lengths to protect their rights to say what they want.

And they do. Take David Coburn, for example.

But heaven forbid you say anything about Ukip. Remember Charlie Bloom? and don't ever call Ukip racist, says Farage! It's simply not true! You're the real fascists he says - whilst quoting a non-existent Churchill quote.

And please don't call us Nazis!

But if we, the Kippers, want to call other people Nazis, then we can!

Yesterday a petition emerged on social media urging Ukip NEC to 'say NO to political correctness infiltrating UKIP', and in what is turning out to be a battle between the PC and the non-PC, with another petition here urging Kippers to remove UKIP GLA candidate Alan Craig from the approved candidates list.

Those Kippers supporting Alan Craig for his comments are signing and saying things such as this:

People like Alan Craig you mean, who referred to LGBT community as the 'Gaystapo?'

He's this chap, who spoke at a 'gay cure' event.

Incidentally, Alan Craig took a leading role in the Christian Peoples Alliance (2004 to 2013) in the campaign against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 around the same time the leader Sid Cordle who claimed that it was possible that recent storms in the UK could have been caused by God, saying:

"I think all Christians believe that God does, and can do, things with nature," he said. "A lot of Christians believe God is angry over 'gay marriage' and God can show that anger if he wants to."

Anyway, and here's Joseph, from Swansea:
Now, this is interesting. 'Government sponsored political correctness'. Basically, what Joseph is saying is that the government is 'sponsoring people' to tell other people not to say bad and nasty things. Perhaps he means one of those 'Equality/Diversity' training days, where someone (perhaps a Government agent?) would explain to staff how to speak to or how not to speak to others at work, because of things like this? Useful if you are being discriminated against because of a disability, or your sex certainly. Of course, Ukip don't appear to care much for folk who are being discriminated against at work. Nigel Farage of course thinks that we SHOULD be able to discriminate on grounds of race in the workplace.

Not to forget Donna Edmunds who wanted to be able to discriminate against and refuse services to 'women AND gay people'.

So, what exactly is this freedom of speech Ukip want? Is it about having manners and respect for others? Or is it the right to be able to call gay people Nazis? Or call anyone they like 'Nazis'? The EU even! Or to call Muslims 'paedophiles' or 'scum'? Or to call refugees 'rapefugees'?

It almost seems like Ukip and their Kippers are saying they want the right to be able to say what they want, when they want, and wherever they want?

Here's Frank, from Holford:

Really? What if you're not a Christian?

And Deborah, from Penarth:

Of course, Alan Craig does have the right to speak and live according to his 'conscience and beliefs' but not as a candidate for South West constituency of the London Assembly. A petition by Kippers popped up here, rejecting Alan Craig but supporting his right to Free Speech, and rightly so, because Alan Craig can say what he wants in his garden, or his car, or at dinner with his friends, but it's not acceptable in public office, and not by referring to LGBT community as the 'Gaystapo'. I mean, come on. He's basically saying that all gay folk are 'Nazis'. What the hell?

Oh, and don't dare ever call a Ukip Kipper a Nazi. Oh no, they'll not be having that!

And lastly, George from Farnham. Bless his cotton socks:

And this is what happens. People are threatening to leave because Ukip are going 'politically correct' and this is NOT what a core section of the fanbase want because Ukip give them what they need, the voice for *their* version of their idea of free speech.

So what is this free speech they want, and why does these rules of being able to say what YOU want only seem to apply to Ukip and the far right? Why is it that the complaints always seems to be coming from the direction of the far right? There is a constant whingeing about people being 'banned' from 'speaking their mind' and being controlled by 'thought police' or something.

... or the it's those blasted 'Cultural Marxists', as Paul Nuttall claims.

And it's still happening according to proud Ukip supporter James, today...

But in actual fact, is anyone really stopping people from saying what they want to? Almost every week in the UK the latest regular EDL/Britain First/National Front/Pegida far right Muslim/Islam hating march gathering takes place, and each time they're held with huge cost to the British taxpayer along with the usual chants of 'refugees go home', 'muzzies are scum/paedos/rapists' etc. I bet you most of those attending these marches are exercising their freedom of speech before getting drunk in the pub and going home and voting Ukip.

Likewise, the UK press, the broadcast media and political opponents always have the freedom to criticise those in power, and those views we disagree with. The media often turns on people depending on the agenda they have. This is another variant of that same free speech, just as we have the right to criticise Ukip and Alan Craig has the right to criticise gay people if he so chooses. He can also expect to be called out for it, and one might even say he's a cunt.

And this is the point. We do have our freedom of speech. We are extremely lucky to be able to live in a society that is so tolerant, a society where we can be open in our views and challenge the perceptions of others. The UK prides itself on it's values of free speech and most people would agree that in an open, democratic society, free speech is essential. Worryingly however, it has been claimed this week by YouGov that the British press is the ‘most right-wing’ in Europe and we all know that the right-wing press pretty much says as it pleases unless it's a lie and they get caught out. Even then nothing much happens except for a slap of the wrist from IPSO and a tiny correction/clarification that you'd  miss unless you were looking for it.

Furthermore, more than ever before we have the capability to make our voice heard in a way we have never been able to do before using social media and internet blogs. The outpouring of contempt for certain groups of people is a daily occurrence, a phenomenon of the internet age and impossible to control in any way.  While it is one of the ways that people in such a society can hold their leaders accountable and express their individuality as free citizens it also becomes a medium to conduct hate campaigns and vilify certain groups. But the same rule applies to all of us, and not only has Ukip obsessively pushed their campaign for free speech opposing 'Political Correctness', it would become clear that over time it was always a one way street for Ukip where they can say what they want, but woe betide anyone who criticises them. 

And on and on it goes. It's not got better, it's got worse, and especially so since Ukip gave a lot of people the confidence and freedom to 'speak their minds' through their well planned campaigns against 'PC'. 'Freedom Of Speech!' they would tell you, those bloody lefties, trying to culturally marxify your mind with PC ray guns literally sellotaping your mouth shut tight and your fingers tied together with cable ties!

It's just not happening. Every day on  social media there are more and more comments attacking refugees, Muslims, gay people, women, politicians etc and no one is stopping anyone from writing these things and it would be impossible to do so.

Meanwhile, hate crime is on the increase. Attacks on refugees are on the increase. Homophobic attacks are on the increase.

What it comes down to for us, is this. Don't Ukip REALLY already say pretty much what they want? Can't we try saying some nice things about Muslims, refugees and gay people instead?

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